One of the most important challenges we face is to retain students who have made a decision to begin their studies at LTU. One very important aspect of retention is to build a professional relationship with our students. Studies at many universities have indicated time and time again that the most important factor for students to have a great educational experience is the development of relationships with mentors, advisors, staff and peers at the University.

When those relationships develop well students value their experience and are very unlikely to leave to study elsewhere. This takes a team effort between you, the faculty, and the staff in the various support offices throughout the University. Nothing can replace the relationship between the professional mentor (you) and the students you mentor and advise. We will not be successful in the retention of our students unless this component of our University is working well.

This online Advisor's Handbook is intended to help you as a faculty mentor and advisor. We want to provide you with information in a clear, concise manner to assist you as you work with our students. We need your suggestions on how to improve this document and on other components of your efforts to build these professional relationships. Please let us know as you identify areas that can be developed and added to the manual and to our processes to assist you in this endeavor.

I urge you to take your role as a mentor and an advisor seriously. I wish you success and satisfaction as you interact with the students in this important role.