Guest Credit Requests

Once enrolled at Lawrence Tech students may  NOT  take courses at other colleges or universities and expect those credits to transfer without prior approval. Students are expected to complete all courses for a Lawrence Tech degree at the University once they have been admitted. If students wish to seek an exception to this policy they must first obtain the written permission of the Credit Review Committee. This committee meets on a monthly basis to review student requests.

To submit a request to the Credit Review Committee students must first be eligible for guest credit. An eligible student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and have attended LTU for at least 2 semesters, or have earned at least 24 credits at LTU. Once eligibility has been established the student should complete the  Guest Credit Request  and turn it in at the  One Stop Center   at least one month in advance  (preferably at the beginning of the month prior to when a decision is needed). The Registrar will then send a letter to the student informing them of the Committee’s decision.

For those courses approved, the student must receive at least a 2.0 in the course to have it transfer back to LTU. It is the student’s responsibility to have the official transcript from the other institution sent to the Registrar’s Office at LTU. Until the official transcript arrives, the credit will not be placed on the student’s transcript and may prohibit the student from registering in other courses for which the guest credit course is a prerequisite.

In addition, only the course credit will transfer to LTU, not the grade. As such, approved guest credit courses may not be transferred back to LTU to be used in grade point average computation.

Lastly, Guest Credit Requests are generally  not approved  for courses taken at other institutions, unless those courses cannot be completed at the University.

Additional Credit Requests


Upon admission to the university, transfer credit is reviewed and applied to the student record by the department chair, dean of the pertinent college, and the admissions office. Questions concerning credit evaluations should be resolved during the first semester of enrollment.

Credit adjustments after this time will have to follow the Additional Credit application process. If a student feels that credit from a previous institution should apply to their LTU record they can petition by completing the  Additional Credit Request . Students must complete the form and also a separate letter specifying in detail the reason for their request. All documentation should be turned in at the  One Stop Center   at least one month in advance . The Additional Credit Committee will  NOT  review incomplete applications. Once a decision has been made the Registrar will send a letter to the student informing them of the Committee’s decision.