The Lawrence Tech Faculty Handbook defines academic advising as a responsibility other than academic teaching which are expected of all faculty members (Section 2.1.3.a):

  • Student advising. Advising consists of providing mentoring and guidance to the student in selecting courses, academic majors or minors, career objectives, employment and graduate schools; or, in seeking University support services, but does not include psychological counseling. Advising shall take into account all University options open to the student, including alternative programs for those interested in changing major or concentration. To this end, the University will provide faculty with appropriate information and training.
  • The advising function also includes receiving and acting appropriately on information from students relevant to the improvement of University education, student service, protection of students and employees, and quality control.
  • The advising relationship is subject to laws, regulations, and University policy on student privacy, which are summarized in the Advisor’s Handbook, but is not privileged or confidential as a legal matter, and is subject to mandatory reporting.

The Introduction to Academic Advising document includes the following information:

  • Definition of Academic Advising
  • Goals of Academic Advising
  • Responsibilities of the Advisee
  • Responsibilities of the Advisor
  • Characteristics of Good Advisors
  • Limitations of Advising Responsibilities

The document also includes an Academic Advising Checklist designed to help faculty members prepare for, conduct, and follow up on student advising sessions. Credit for the development of the Introduction to Academic Advising document is given to the late Professor Harold Hotelling of the College of Arts & Sciences. Professor Hotelling's memory is kept alive at Lawrence Tech through the annual Harold Hotelling Memorial Lecture Series.

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