If a student wishes to change their curriculum, it is recommended they seek academic advising prior to making the decision.

All curriculum changes submitted to the One Stop Center before the end of the Add/Drop period will be processed for that semester. Curriculum changes submitted after the Add/Drop period will be effective the following semester.

To change a major:

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to change their major by completing the Change of Curriculum form available online or at the One Stop Center.

Graduate students who wish to change their major must apply through the Office of Admissions

For international students who change their major, a new I-20 must be generated for their curriculum. Please allow additional processing time for this requirement.

Depending on the undergraduate student’s old and new major, they may be eligible for a one-time grade point average (GPA) reset. These conditions are available on the Change of Curriculum form and at the One Stop Center.

It is important to note that once a student elects the one-time grade point average (GPA) reset they may not transfer back to their previous program. Only courses with the grade of C or better will apply in the new major and particular courses taken in their previous major may not apply to the new major. Courses that do not apply will appear as transfer credit only on the student’s transcript. Finally, this option is available only once to a student, which means if a student waives their right to the GPA reset, it is not available in the future. Likewise, if a student elects the GPA reset, it is not reversible at any point in the future.

To declare a minor or concentration:

If a student wishes to declare a minor or concentration, they may do so by completing the Change of Curriculum form, obtaining the appropriate signatures from the department of the new minor/concentration, and submitting it to the One Stop Center.

Students are then responsible for completing all requirements for the minor and/or concentration. Once the student has petitioned to graduate, and it has been determined by the Department Chairperson that the student has completed the requirements for the Minor and/or Concentration, it will be posted to the student’s academic transcript.