Goals of the University Advising Center


GOAL I – To help students better understand themselves. Academic advising should help students both understand and accept themselves. With the help of an academic advisor, students should come to a better understanding of their values, goals, abilities, interests and limitations.

GOAL 2 – To help students clarify life, educational, and career goals. Academic advising should help students define and develop realistic goals.

GOAL 3 – To help students select appropriate courses and other educational experiences that are most consistent with individual goals. Academic advising should help students develop a course of study which enables them to achieve their goals. Advisors should assist students in choosing courses appropriate to the students' program requirements, ability level and individual needs.

GOAL 4 – To help interpret institutional requirements. Academic advising should not only provide students with accurate information about the university's policies, procedures and requirements, but also make sure that students understand these.

GOAL 5 – To help students be aware of available educational resources. Academic advising should assist students in becoming aware of and learning to utilize the academic resources on campus which can help them achieve their goals.

GOAL 6 –To help students evaluate their progress toward established goals. Academic advising should assist students in constant evaluation and reevaluation of progress towards goals and educational plans.

GOAL 7 – To encourage and facilitate student decision-making skills. Academic advising should develop the student's ability to make good decisions in the student's own best interest.

GOAL 8 – To refer students to other institutional and community support services where appropriate. Academic advising should integrate the many resources of the university to meet each student's particular educational needs and goals. To make sure that students are familiar with and make effective use of campus resources, academic advisors should identify special needs and match students to available resources.

GOAL 9 – To provide student information to help improve institutional policies and procedures. Academic advisors should provide information, when requested, about their advisees to assist in campus decision-making and continuous improvement of its academic programs and services.