It is very important that you submit each of the following items in order for Lawrence Tech to issue your I-20:

1.    Complete the admissions requirements, submit your application fee, be accepted, and submit your enrollment deposit.

2.    Document of Support   - International students must submit a current bank statement or letter from the bank as proof that they have sufficient available cash funds in a checking or savings account to pay for an entire year of school at Lawrence Tech. Students are permitted to have sponsors for the funding, but the sponsor needs to submit his/her bank statement and a Financial Verification and Sponsor Letter form. The table below outlines the amounts for the 2024-25 academic year.

Undergraduate All Majors: $62,950
Masters Level Arts & Sciences Students: $39,800
Masters Level Architecture & Design, Engineering, and Management Students: $44,840
Doctoral Level Students: $35,960

Please note that you will only pay Lawrence Tech for the coursework you have enrolled in each semester. Tuition and fee rates along with the payment deadlines are available through the Registrar Office's website here. Lawrence Tech is not a financial institution. Payments made to Lawrence Tech should be made for the amount due based on your University invoice, or the expected amount of tuition and on-campus housing. Payments for off-campus housing, or other personal living expenses should be sent to your personal bank account, (not the University). 

Please note: payments received in excess of the amount billed will either be placed on deposit for an upcoming semester, or the payment will be returned to the sender.  (In the case of wire transfers, the wire transfer will be reversed to return funds back to the originating account).

3.   Financial Verification & Sponsor Letter    - This form is used by LTU to verify the information contained in the document of support. Please be sure to complete the form in its entirety, if any information is missing we cannot issue your I-20. There is a portion on this form that needs be completed by your sponsor if the document of support that is submitted is in another individual's name. If the bank information is all in your name, please indicate that the sponsor relationship is "self." You can download a fillable copy of the form here.
4.    Foreign Address   - All students who need an I -20 must submit their international address as a requirement for SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) and as evidence of non-immigrant intent.
5.   Copy of Passport   - A copy of the information page of the passport will aid in the processing of your visa documentation. This information is used solely for this purpose and will have no effect on other portions of the application process.

Visa Information:
Once the I-20 has been issued please review the information here about obtaining a Visa.

Transferring an F-1 Record:
If you are in the U.S. studying on an F-1 student visa, you are able to transfer your current SEVIS record to Lawrence Tech after you have received your offer of admission and completed the steps above. Have your SEVIS record transferred by your current school to LTU using our school code of DET214F00335000.

Lawrence Tech does not accept terminated records. If you have a terminated F-1 record, please email us for next steps at

Please contact the Office of Admissions at with any questions.

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