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Reinvent Your Career Now

Quickly retool for a job in an emerging industry with a certificate from Lawrence Tech. Leverage your professional experience in as few as two semesters to change your career and life - and do it virtually for free.

With the help of the State of Michigan's No Worker Left Behind program, and the U.S. Department of Labor's Trade Act Assistance funds, you could retool to compete in the changing economy for little or no money.

 The No Worker Left Behind provides up to two years' worth of free tuition for unemployed workers to pursue a degree or certificate in a high-demand occupation or emerging industry.

The Michigan Works Agency requires workers returning to school to develop college plans with courses and tuition and fees  outlined.

Trade Adjustment Assistance grants provide up to two years' worth of full-time tuition and fees plus income benefits.

Programs  are offered continuously. Your future depends on it. Why wait? Register today.

Career Placement Services
All Lawrence Tech students and alumni have access to the resources and expertise of the University's Office of Career Services. Career Services professionals can help you sharpen your job search skills (resume writing, interview techniques) and identify potential employers in your field. Lawrence Tech's Recovery Starts Here program makes these valuable services available to all displaced workers.

Alternative Energy    
Alternative Energy Engineering Technology Undergrad Certificate
Energy and Environmental Management Graduate Certificate
Energy Engineering Graduate Certificate
Architectural Management Graduate Certificate
Building Information Modeling and Computer Visualization Undergraduate Certificate
Critical Studies in Architecture Graduate Certificate
Sustainable Architecture Graduate Certificate
Urban Design Graduate Certificate
Industrial / Organizational Psychology Undergraduate Certificate
Information Assurance Management Graduate Certificate
Instructional Design, Communication, and Presentation Graduate Certificate
Instructional Technology Graduate Certificate
Nonprofit Management and Leadership Graduate Certificate
Project Management Graduate Certificate
Technical and Professional Communication Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate
Workplace Technology Graduate Certificate
Writing for the Digital Age   Graduate Certificate
Computer Science    
Bioinformatics   Graduate Certificate
Computer Science Undergraduate Certificate
Robotics Education Graduate Certificate
Manufacturing Systems for the Defense Industry Graduate Certificate
Aeronautical Engineering Graduate Certificate
Electrical Power Systems Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate
Embedded Systems Undergraduate Certificate
Manufacturing Systems Graduate Certificate
Telecommunications Engineering Graduate Certificate
Animation and Visual Effects for Film Undergraduate Certificate
Film and Production Techniques Undergraduate Certificate
Set Design Undergraduate Certificate
Life Sciences    
Biochemical Engineering Undergraduate Certificate
Bioelectronics Undergraduate Certificate
Bioinformatics Graduate Certificate
Biomechanics Undergraduate Certificate
Television and Video    
Television and Video Production Undergraduate Certificate