teaching english in china

Teaching English and American Culture in China
Earn credit towards LDR 3000

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This is a picture from the group of LTU students and staff who went in 2008.

Location: Zhejiang Province, China 

Type of Program: Volunteer abroad, will count towards LDR 3000 Leadership Seminar Series

Duration: 3 - 4 weeks, typically in July 

Time of Year: Summer 

Majors: Open to all students, staff, & faculty.

Hosted by: Council on China Exchange 

Estimated Cost: $1,325 + Round-trip Airfare to LAX 

  • Each teacher needs to pay a $250 program fee (due with application) plus $225 visa fee
  • A travel insurance is also required of teachers, typically under $35 for teachers in their 20s.
  • Tour of Beijing and Shanghai for $500 for five days four nights with room (2 star in Shanghai, 3 star in Beijing) and meals, Beijing tours, airport transfers and local transportation included
  • Security Deposit of $350 which will be returned upon arrival in China

Program Fee includes: Round-trip airfare from LAX to China,  room and board, ground transportation in China, & two one-day excursions provided by host school. 

Application Deadline: February 9, 2015. February 23, 2015. Return it to Study Abroad Programs, c404

Program Description: This program bring native English speakers to China to teach English and American culture to Chinese students, ranging from elementary through high school. Program partcipantes team teach for five 50 min periods, five days a week for 3 weeks. Host schools provide free weekend tours and excursions for visiting teachers. Curriculum topics are provided, but curriculum modification and development are done by the program participants before the trip. Students live in hotels near the school sites, in developed areas of China. Meals are provided by the host schools.

Website: http://www.excellenteducation.us/summer_teaching_in_china_program

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