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Before applying for a study abroad program, it is necessary to first do a lot of research in order to gather information about the country, city, school, program, and courses offered during your semester of interest. You will be living in a different country immersed in a different culture. Do your research and make sure that the program would be a good fit for you personally and academically. You will want to research the programs in which you are interested. Be aware that each program has its own requirements and deadlines.
Things to consider when doing your research are:

  • Do you want to study abroad for a semester, do an internship, or study abroad for just the summer term?
  • Your area of study- finding similar programs. Similar areas of study may have different names. Ex: Robotics and Mechatronics.
  • Courses that are similar to your LTU courses. Do you want to take core curriculum courses and/or major specific courses?
  • Where do you want to live for the semester? Think about the country, city, and make sure you like the campus.
  • Do you want to live with a host-family, off-campus apartment, or in the student dormitories?


Visit the Study Abroad Office

Once you've done some research, come see us in the Student Engagement Office in the Taubman Building, c404. We can make sure you are on the right track and even be able to provide more in depth information about the programs and answer any questions you may have. 

Make an Appointment with your Academic Advisor

Next, you will need to meet with your academic advisor to determine which programs and courses best fit your academic program. Bring with you your research and a list of courses, as well as their descriptions, that you are interested in taking abroad. You can find the course descriptions on most institution's websites or by emailing that particular department. If you have trouble with this part, contact the Study Abroad Office. Courses abroad usually must be equivalent in content to course offered at LTU. There might be some flexibility with electives. It will be up to your advisor, department chair, and/or the Guest Credit Committee to determine if the courses will count towards your degree.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting courses:

* Immigration laws require that students participating in study abroad programs be registered full-time (at least 12 credit hours) at their host institution. You will be registering for special SAP courses at LTU. Also, a maximum of 6 credits may count toward electives.

* Some programs have required language or culture courses that are mandatory for you in order to participate. Review the program's curriculum requirements carefully. These courses might count as an elective. Discuss this with your advisor.


Make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor

After you have met with your advisor and they approve the courses you would like to take, you should start the application process. Many of the programs differ in their application requirements so it is good to start this process early to make sure you meet all requirements. Also, if you plan on staying in university accommodations, the earlier you apply, the greater chance you have in acquiring a spot as accommodations are limited.

Schedule a Meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor

Your Advisor and Department Chair must sign the Lawrence Tech Study Abroad Application form. You will turn this form into the Study Abroad Advisor along with a copy of all application materials.

After you’ve been accepted...

Guest Credit

Now is the time to apply for Guest Credit. The Guest Credit Committee, a committee of faculty representatives from each college, will review your requests for course transfers.

The Study Abroad Office cannot create your LTU courses for you to register until they receive a copy of your approval letter from the Guest Credit Committee.

You can download the Guest Credit form here or visit the One Stop Center.


You should also start to look at booking your airfare. The foreign university may have suggestions that were included with your acceptance package. Some programs arrange group flights and are added to your total program cost. Make sure to know if this is offered by your program or not.
Financial Aid

Make sure you apply for the FAFSA the January of the year you plan to go abroad. You will also want to meet with the Financial Aid office and let them know that you will be studying abroad so that your aid may be applied correctly to your account. If you are participating in an Independent Program (non-partner institution), your Financial Aid may not be able to be applied. Meet with the Financial Aid office to discuss your options.
Course Registration

This will depend on the program you're participating in, and whether or not there is an agreement between Lawrence Tech and the foreign institution. Check with Study Abroad Programs to make sure you follow the correct registration procedures.

Study Abroad Programs cannot create your LTU courses for you to register until they receive a copy of your approval letter from the Guest Credit Committee.

You can download the Guest Credit form here or visit the One Stop Center.

All programs listed on the website are part of an agreement with Partner Institutions.

Partner Institutions

Study Abroad programs that are official partners with Lawrence Tech have agreements in place in which you will register for Study Abroad Programs (SAP) courses that are created for you through Lawrence Tech's registration system. This means you will be charged Lawrence Tech tuition rates and pay all of your other fees (registration, housing, etc) directly to Lawrence Tech; however, it also means all of your internal scholarships and financial aid will be applied to your study abroad experience.

The grades you receive in SAP courses will be CR/NC. Grades will be applied when transcripts are received from the host institution.

When participating in study abroad programs, you need to be careful to regularly follow up with your contact at your host institution and at Lawrence Tech's Office of Financial Aid to assure all of your paperwork is in order. In many cases, the financial aid you're counting on will disburse late. For that reason, make sure you plan ahead financially and expect to make travel arrangements and pay other preliminary expenses on your own.

Independent Programs

These are programs that do not currently have an agreement with Lawrence Tech. If our Partner Institutions do not have a program that interests you or fits your area of study, you can do some research on your own to find a program you like, or work with the Study Abroad Office. We have a list that you can work from.

Aspects to consider: No Partnership Agreement requirement, English taught classes (undergrad or graduate), Courses in your area of study (remember to look for general education courses too), & Accommodations for guest students.

If you find a Study Abroad experience on your own, you will most likely be participating in that program as a "guest", "transient", or "free-mover" student of the host institution. In this case, you will not register for courses at Lawrence Tech. Instead, you will apply to the host institution and become a student there for the semester abroad.

To participate as a "guest" or "transient" student, you still must meet with your advisor and then go through the Guest Credit process before you leave for the semester. If you do not go through the Guest Credit process prior to departure, your courses abroad will not transfer back to LTU.

Participating in an independent program can result in loss of financial aid dollars because you're not affiliated with Lawrence Tech during your semester abroad. Make an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your options.


Contact us:

A. Alfred Taubman Student Services Center, C405