Blue Devils Abroad Photo Contest


These were the entries for 2014-2015. 
The winner is Kris Hager with "Rolling Hills".
Finalists were Nabil Ajami and Erik McEntee.  

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  • Finalist

    Finalist - "Looking Beyond" by Nabil Ajami - Notre Dame - Paris, France, 2014
    “With so much that grabs your attention in Paris, you might not even realize when you’re in front of something amazing.”

  • Nabil Ajami

    "Stand for Stand" by Nabil Ajami - Paris, France, 2014
    “The Eiffel Tower is everywhere, matching you stand for stand.”

  • Jessica Gilbert

    "The Athenian Expanse" by Jessica Gilbert - Athens Acropolis - Athens, Greece, 2014
    “When thinking of Athens, once does not truly understand the compactness of the city as compared to the expanse of the historic areas and how the city winds through historic spaces. The new Athens has filled in the ”gaps” left by the old as it has built up and spread outward in the valley.”

  • Jessica Gilbert 2

    "Coastal Italy" by Jessica Gilbert - Cinque Terre, Italy, 2014
    “Coastal Italian towns are much more condensed to the bays as opposed to spreading outward from a central church as the inland towns do. These cities tend to spread only few streets back from the bay and would never be found in the U.S but are found all along the waterways of Italy. This type of city scape influenced the inland cities, but still has a true identity of its own. ”

  • Corrinne Greer

    "Barcelona Pavilion" by Corrinne Greer - Barcelona, Spain, 2014
    “My first introduction to this building was over 2 years ago and once arriving I sat in this exact spot for hours. The tranquility and minimalist approach by Mies Van Der Rohe was so much more impactful than I could have imagined. I left my soul there.”

  • Corrinne Greer 2

    "On Top of Duomo Di Milano" by Corrinne Greer - Milan, Italy, 2014
    “While traveling around Europe, seeing flying buttresses is not uncommon. What made the so incredible was that we were able to walk through them and beside them to really get an understanding of the mechanics as as beauty. Quite incredible. ”

  • Contest Winner

    Contest Winner - "Rolling Hills" by Kris Hager - Gerace, Italy, 2014
    “The hills overlooked by the village of Gerace, where my great grandparents immigrated to America from.”

  • Kris Hager

    "Reflection" by Kris Hager - Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2014
    “Stopped and reflected here for a bit after visiting the Anne Frank Museum. The calm waves reflected the light beautifully.”

  • Liz Love

    "Desire" by Liz Love - Sun Room-Palis Garnie - Paris, France, 2014
    “The golden light cascading around you sent a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout your body. The mirrors surrounding the area only added to this feeling by reflecting this light, causing an unforgettable experience. The piece is named Desire, for the desire of the warmth and comfort the room provides.”

  • Liz Love 2

    "Through Time" by Liz Love - Top of Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris, France, 2014
    “The true essence of Paris can be seen in this image. The city is all about its past, present, and future, wrapped together in overlapping beauty. From the perspective, you see the hustle and bustle of everyday life within the city, but watching over it all is the history of Paris, a beauty so incredible it can stand through all time. ”

  • Hanna Matievich

    "Palace for the Public" by Hanna Matievich - Palais du Luxembourg - Paris, France, 2014
    “When going to the expansive grounds of the Palais du Luxembourg, the visual of the Palace itself makes one feel unworthy, though upon turning 180 degrees, the yards are filled to capacity with people of the same class.”

  • Arc de Triomphe

    "Triumphant" by Hanna Matievich - Arc de Triomphe - Paris, France, 2014
    “The magnitude of the Arc de Triomphe bestills a sense of humility upon all who walk up to it, though the intricacy of the detail brings one back into the normalcy of human scale.”

  • Sacre-Couer in Montmartre

    Finalist - "Sacre-Couer Rooftop" by Erik McEntee - Sacre-Couer in Montmartre - Paris, France, 2014
    “What. A. View. One of my most memorable moments in life.”

  • Vintage French Automobiles

    "Vintage French Automobiles" by Erik McEntee - Utah Beach - Normandy, France, 2014
    “A row of 1950’s Citroen Traction Avant’s lineup at Utah Beach. Most memorable historic moment: Beaches of D-Day and Vintage Frech Automobiles.”

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