Centro Universitario do Instituto Maua de Tecnologia, Sao Paulo 


Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Type of Program: Exchange program for students and faculty.

Duration: One semester or summer session; two semesters for masters students.

Time of Year: Fall, spring, summer

Majors: College of Engineering, College of Management

Academic Year: Junior, Senior, Graduate Student 

Hosted by: Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia - IMT

Estimated Cost: Students pay Lawrence Tech tuition rates. 

Application Deadline: TBD

Program Description: Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia - IMT is a private, non-profit organization with headquarters located in the city of São Paulo. The main objective of IMT is to promote technical-scientific education, technological research and development aiming to provide highly qualified human resources to contribute to the socioeconomic development of Brazil.

More information can be found on their website:http://www.maua.br/english.


Davey McConnell
Taubman c205

Contact the program directly at ceun@maua.br.


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