su15 Bolivia: Creating socially-responsive art and humanitarian design

  La Paz, Bolivia

Time of Year:  
July 2015 (approximate duration: 25 days)

Academic Year: 
Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or Graduate students are welcome

Application Method:
 Contact Scott Shall-
Application Deadline: March 1, 2015

Areas of Study:
 ALL majors welcome (the form and nature of the work allows students from ALL disciplines to participate equally)

Program Description:
 In the summer of 2010, a team of students, educators, artists and designers travelled to La Paz, Bolivia, where they partnered with Bolivian non-profit Creativo Cultural Espacio and began a collaborative design effort with kids working on the streets of La Paz. The chief purpose of this effort was to generate new, street-based versions of education that more adequately fit the unique lifestyle of the children. The response, unlike current school systems which demand that the kids choose between working (and thus eating) or pursuing their education, allowed each child to pursue learning in a manner congruent with his/her schedule, circumstances, lifestyle, experiences and interests. Read more here.

Accommodations:  While in La Paz, we stay as a group within a home stay near the city center.  While traveling, we stay in hotels.

Approximate Program Costs:

Included in Costs:
 lodging, breakfast, cultural liaisons and logistical support, pick up from airport, travel expenses associated with two weekend+ excursions/mini-vacations around Bolivia.


 Scott Shall-


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