Lawrence Technological University has a significant economic impact on Southfield and the Metro Detroit area. LTU injected $377 million into the region during 2019-20.

LTU produces some of the nation’s highest-earning graduates. Their higher salaries allow for better lifestyles that save the community on expenses such as healthcare. In addition, LTU’s entrepreneurial alumni go on to start their own firms, becoming job creators and generating additional revenue in Metro Detroit. The University provides jobs on campus as well as creating jobs at local businesses frequented by LTU faculty, staff, students, alumni, visitors, and other partners. Through community service, clinical hours, dual enrollment, and internships, the University touches the lives of tens of thousands of people and provides a net benefit to the City of Southfield and the region.

This report was created to demonstrate the benefits Lawrence Tech provides to the area by quantifying the impacts from January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.


$377 Million

Total amount that LTU contributed in economic impact to Metro Detroit during 2019-2020.


Amount of money that LTU has pumped directly into Metro Detroit in the last decade through building projects.


Number of LTU Alumni in Metro Detroit.


Number of jobs created in Metro Detroit because of LTU.



Direct spending from LTU, its employees, students, and visitors, as well as secondary spending by businesses and governments contributed $49 million in economic impact.

$12.5 million LTU Spending
$21.1 million Employee Spending
$12.1 million Student Spending
$3.4 million Visitor Spending


LTU alumni contributed $252 million in increased earnings and $76 million in social benefits.

1,072 Southfield Alumni
11,062 Oakland County Alumni
24,297 Metro Detroit Alumni
33,800 Alumni in the US


$8.6 million Reduced Absenteeism
$2.8 million Reduced Alcoholism
$3.4 million Reduced Crime Victim Cost
$10.3 million Reduced Incarceration
$4.3 million Reduced Smoking
$26.5 million Reduced Unemployment
$19.8 million Reduced Welfare Spending


The City of Southfield treasury received an $801,000 net benefit due to the presence of LTU.

$1.5 million Revenues to Southfield
City Government
$0.7 million Service Costs to Southfield
City Government
$801,000 Net Benefit to Southfield
City Government


$8.3 million in research grants since 2017.

7 Research Institutes
12 Research Labs
112 Faculty Research Day
1,125 Industry Sponsored Project
Research Hours
$8.3 million Grant Funds Since 2017


2,030 LTU alumni-owned businesses generated $349 million in revenue.

12 Accelerator Firm Products
46 Companies Served by the
Centrepolis Accelerator
2,030 Small Businesses owned
by LTU Alumni
5,080 Employees of LTU Alumniowned Firms
$34 million million Revenues of Firms Assisted
by Centrepolis Accelerator
$349 million Revenues of LTU Alumniowned Firms


LTU employees and students spent 178,755 hours in service to the local community, the equivalent of one person working around the clock for over 20 years

2,489 Robofest Competitors
3,770 Exhibit and Lecture
6,780 Community Service Hours
7,933 Prospective Student Visits
8,865 Nursing Clinical Hours
11,310 Marburger STEM Center
Contact Hours
13,160 Work Study Hours
32,670 Dual Enrollment Class Hours
34,550 Detroit Center Facility Usage Hours
59,460 Internship and Co-op Hours