chappy plane

Quick Facts

Designer: George Martin, DIT '45, Lawrence Tech Aero. Eng. Chairman

Current location: Hanging from the Buell atrium ceiling

plane in atriumBuilt:1947-1949

Material Cost New: $1900
Material Cost Restoration: $3000

Wingspan: 20 feet

Length: 20 feet

Weight (without pilot): 590 lbs

Engine: 85 hp Continental

Wing area: 74 sq. feet

Top Speed: 165 mph w/ dive speeds of 250-300 mph

Stall Speed: 67 mph

Fuel Capacity 15 gal.

Number of hours flown before retirement: 100


construction of chappyConstruction Materials:

  • Pod: Steel tube truss with fabric covering
  • Wings: Wood with single spar, plywood leading edge and fabric covering
  • Booms: Aluminum sheet modified monocoque
  • Tail: Steal tube spars, aluminum leading edge, fabric covered


*All information taken from LTU archives from a press release dated October 19, 1989 you can download it here.