Spring 2023 Tutoring Schedule
January 16, 2023 - May 1, 2023

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is offered on a walk-in basis Monday-Friday, and by appointment Saturday-Sunday for LTU students. 

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tutorme-ltu-logo We have partnered with TutorMe to provide FREE online tutoring for LTU students 24/7.

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While tutoring is one of our primary functions, the AAC has materials in various formats to help students build their learning skills. Handouts on study techniques, math videos that supplement textbooks, and online grammar exercises and writing tips are just some of the study aids available.

Regardless of whether your need is for tutoring in a tough subject, group study sessions, or simply looking to lift your spirits on days when you’re not feeling motivated to study, the AAC is a good place to get support. Stop in and explore the resources that are available to assist you.

Are you looking for online resources regarding academic support? Do you know of a great online resource? Email us at aac@ltu.edu!