Asef Tutor of the Year

The Academic Achievement Center staff and tutors wish to congratulate our Mathematics Tutor Asef Ahmed, who has been selected as the 2015 - 2016 AAC Tutor of the Year.

The tutor of the year award recognizes the outstanding contributions of a student tutor who fulfills the AAC’s mission to educate, empower, and inspire fellow students to become independent and successful lifelong learners. Nominees for the award are judged based on their ability to facilitate student learning, their creativity and initiative in executing tutoring sessions, and their modeling of academic integrity and enthusiasm for learning.

"I am a part of the Mathematics program at LTU and I tutor the full gamut of undergraduate mathematics as well as physics and chemistry. I enjoy every aspect of my major and intend, tentatively, to consider doctoral studies within the realm of algebraic or topological mathematics, or as the jargon I have written within my graduate purpose statement indicates, “affine automorphisms and invariant theory as well as homotopy groups”. Certainly, the silos of mathematics are vast and I have yet to study all that I can in order to refine my purpose for graduate school, though I can say with confidence that I will pursue pure rather than applied topics. Overall, after earning a PhD, I hope to have a career in research either within a university or otherwise and, within my later years, teach as a professor. On a more personal note, I have the following as hobbies: literature, poetry, music, and philosophy. I have almost an inveterate need to categorize, and I keep a list of all books I have read and all albums I have listened to, one that would perhaps shock anyone who would witness it and see such a piebald arrangement of authors (Deleuze in tandem with Chanakya and Wittgenstein) and artists (Juliette Greco alongside DNA, Takemitsu and Xenakis alongside Mozart)." - Asef Ahmed

Congratulations Asef!