Academic Achievement Center Tutors

(Please see Tutor Schedule for specific classes) 

AAC tutors are outstanding Lawrence Tech undergrad and graduate students. Tutors are hired based on their academic achievement, faculty recommendations, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. AAC tutors have knowledge of the University community and are usually involved in various extracurricular clubs and activities.


John Bowen John Bowen - Math & Natural Sciences
Amar Dajaba Amar Dabaja - Math, Engineering, & Natural Sciences
Alex Lanzon Alex Lanzon - Computer Science & Business
Anna Gagnon Anna Gagnon - Math
Danielle Hanson Danielle Hanson - Natural Sciences
Sabrina Mateos Azpeitia Sabrina Mateos Azpeitia - Natural Sciences 
Arial Wright Arial Wright - Natural Sciences & Writing
No Picture available Jessica Bettley - Math & Writing
Dane Fernandez Dane Fernandez - Math, Engineering, & Natural Sciences
Alvaro Garcia Alvaro Garcia - Architecture
Michael Avila Michael Avila - Math & Natural Science
Gabriel Bettley Gabriel Bettley - Math, Engineering, & Natural Science
Juan Jaramillo Juan Jaramillo - Math, Engineering, & Natural Science
Tyler Revett Tyler Revett - Math
Tanisha Wright Tanisha Wright - Writing
Conner Victory Conner Victory - Humanities & Social Science
Zoe Gaber Zoe Gaber - Natural Science & Writing
Erika Auner Erika Auner - Writing