Academic Achievement Center Tutors

(Please See Tutoring Schedule for Specific Classes) 

AAC tutors are outstanding Lawrence Tech undergrad and graduate students. Tutors are hired based on their academic achievement, faculty recommendations, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. AAC tutors have knowledge of the University community and are usually involved in various extracurricular clubs and activities.


Alvarez, Javier-2    Javier Alvarez - Math, Engineering, & Science
Alismail-Kathm-1.jpg    Kathm Alismail - Math, Engineering & Science
Alkandri-Jassem-1.jpg    Jassem Alkandri - Math & Engineering
Generic-Female-Profile.png     Amnah Alluqmani - Math
Anderson-Rachel-1.jpg     Rachel Anderson - Science
Bruton-Laura.jpg  Laura Bruton - Science
Generic-Female-Profile.png  Ying Cai - Architecture
Generic-Male-Profile.png Jacob Crane - Math
Dirlam-Josh-1.jpg Josh Dirlam - Business
Generic-Male-Profile.png  Eric Fry - Science, Math & Engineering
Generic-Male-Profile.png  Jose Gonzalez - Math
Generic-Male-Profile.png  Yagnadutt Guduru - Math & Engineering
Generic-Male-Profile.png  Zhangzheng Ji - Architecture
Kalo-Kadijah-2.jpg  Kadijah Kalo - Math & Science
Generic-Male-Profile.png Matthew McAllister - Math, Science & Engineering
Generic-Male-Profile.png Mitchell Miklosi - Architecture
Novak-Dana-1.jpg  Dana Novak - Math & Science
Paul-Nicholas-1.jpg  Nicholas Paul - Math
Generic-Female-Profile.png Tori Pellerito - Math
Peve-Lorenzo-1.jpg  Lorenzo Peve - Math, Science & Engineering
Propst, Nicole-1 Nicole Propst - Business
Generic-Female-Profile.png  Emilie Rengler - English
Ripodas, Pablo  Pablo Ripodas - Math, Science & Engineering
Ritter, Rachel-1  Rachel Ritter - English
Sleda-Melissa-1.jpg  Melissa Sleda - Science
Stroshein-David-1.jpg  David Stroshein - Math
Tucker-Anne-2.jpg  Anne Tucker - Math, Science & Engineering
Generic-Female-Profile.png  Hayley Walkowski - Math & Science
Yang, Leo-1  Leo Yang - Architecture
Generic-Female-Profile.png  Rachel Zhou - English