General Exam proctoring is another FREE service offered EXLUSIVELY to LTU students. Students who are unable to complete exams/quizzes during regularly scheduled class time can take them at the AAC with their professor's approval. We will make every effort to accommodate a student's schedule when making an exam appointment, however, students should not wait until the last minute to make an appointment.

Testing Hours Summer 2024:
Monday -  Friday : 9:00am - 4:00pm

NEW Process starting Spring 2024!
In order to accommodate more students this semester, the AAC has changed the testing process.

Step 1: Student will initiate the conversation with you in order to take a test in the AAC.
Step 2: Faculty only fill out this GOOGLE FORM HERE
Step 3: AAC staff will email the student a link to schedule an appointment once the form is received.
If you did not submit the test, the appointment will remain tentative.
Step 4: ALL MATERIALS  must be received prior to AAC staff confirming the appointment.
You may upload directly to the Google form, hand deliver, or email them to

  • Please note, AAC staff will not send out email reminders. It is the student's responsibility to communicate with you.
  • A form will need to be filled out for each authorized test. This form is required for every appointment booked (both tentative and confirmed.) 
  • All initial appointments will be tentative. If we don't have your test, this appointment will remain tentative until we receive it. However this allows a student to hold their spot.
  • Tentative appointment bookings will be forwarded to you for your reference, so you can see what day and time they scheduled to provide the test by that date.
  • If we do not have the testing materials at least 1 hour before the tentative appointment, the appointment will be cancelled and the student will need to discuss with you.
  • If you provided the test in the Google form, everything is all set and no further action will be needed.
  • If a student shows up more than 15 minutes late for their exam, their appointment will be cancelled.
  • Only 1 reschedule will be allowed for tests/exams.
  • If they have missed the date range to take their exam, they must communicate with you. 

Appointment requests can be made 2 hours in advance . Therefore you are welcome to submit the form and tests the day of.
Students are directed to speak with you prior to making their appointment to ensure you both agree on a testing date and time.


  • If your student works at the AAC front desk , email his/her test and exam materials to Stefanie Janes, Leslie Michalik, and Colette Sherfey  ( )  or drop them off in person to one of them. If you email the student's exam materials to,  he/she will have access to them, as all front desk staff members can access emails sent to this address.
  • When you fill out the Google Form, please note any relevant instructions, particularly with regards to allowances related to student accommodations (e.g., if a formula sheet is provided or to be brought by the student). Please be as specific as possible with your instructions.
  • For students with documented disabilities, refer to the "Accommodations Memo" provided to you by the Disabilities Services office for the student when determining proctoring instructions. Questions about students with disability accommodations should be addressed to Disability Services .
  • Please note that we do not scan exams. Please work with your department if you need your exam scanned and emailed to you. You can also work with your department if you are on campus but unable to bring an exam to the AAC.
  • NEW THIS SEMESTER: We will allow students to take their tests on Canvas/online if you authorize that on the Google Form.  Please note, we do not  have the means to monitor online exams . We cannot monitor their internet usage during their exam.
  • Once the exam is completed, test will be returned on Wednesdays to the Dean's office of your college each week. Due to the volume of tests we administer, we will not be delivering to each department. If you'd like to pick up the exam, please note this on the Google Form. 

For more information, contact an AAC staff member at , or 248.204.4120.