Study Tables support the academic progress of our students by providing a structured study environment. LTU Scholars are required to participate in the program for a minimum number of hours per week to be determined by the LTU Scholars professional team. During those hours, participants will complete assigned homework, readings and projects.

Study Tables Policies for LTU Scholars

  • Participants must present their student ID to an AAC staff member when signing in for Study Tables, and it will be returned when they are ready to sign out. If participants sign out, they must wait a minimum of one hour before signing in again.
  • Participants must study for the duration of time they are signed in. If participants arrive without proper study materials, they will not be allowed to sign in until they return with the proper materials.
  • AAC Staff Members will monitor whether participants are studying or not, as well as participant behavior. If participants are not studying or are violating other policies, an AAC staff member will give one warning, prompting the participants to start studying. After this warning, if the improper behavior continues, the AAC staff member will sign out the participants.
  • Participants may receive study hours for receiving tutoring at the AAC – these study hours only count for the duration of the tutoring session. Participants may also receive study hours for attending AAC academic skills workshops.
  • Study hours are calculated Monday through Sunday. The LTU Scholars’ professional team will determine the consequences for students who do not meet their required study hours or do not follow the Study Table Conduct Policies.

To view all AAC Study Table policies for LTU Scholars, click here.


This program is supported by the King-Chavez-Parks Initiative through the State of Michigan.