Study Tables support the academic progress of our students by providing a structured study environment. Student-athletes are required to participate in the program for a minimum number of hours per week to be determined by their coach. During those hours, participants will complete assigned homework, readings, and projects.

Student-Athlete Study Tables Schedule

2019-2020 Study Tables Requirements

Credits Earned Cumulative GPA Required Study Tables Hours
≤24 N/A 6
>24 and <60 ≤2.5 6
>24 and <60 >2.5 and <3.2 3
≥60 <3.2 3
>24 ≥3.2 Exempt

*Student-athletes may earn Study Tables hours by logging study hours in designated Study Tables spaces, or by working with a tutor or participating in AAC-sponsored academic workshops. To view the AAC’s workshop schedule, click here.

Study Tables Policies

To view the AAC study table policies for student-athletes, click below:

Study Table Policies