Self-Directed Study Groups

  • Do you like to study in groups?
  • Do you have a particular class you want an extra edge in? 
  • Do you want some leadership experience?


Then consider a self-directed study group!


What:  A self-directed study group is a group of students that meets on their own schedule to study, compare notes, and prepare for tests in a specific class.  After initial training and facilitation by AAC staff, students direct the study group meetings themselves.

Who:  Usually, the group is made up of students who want to augment their in-class study by talking and working with classmates. 

When: You and the other team members decide meeting times.

Why:  self-directed study groups can help you:

  • learn and retain more of the subject you are studying
  • learn and apply leadership and group skills
  • apply your learning to other areas of study


You Bring:

We’ll Give You:

Your classmates      

A study room

Your notes

A trained facilitator

Your textbooks

Facilitation for up to three sessions

Your questions

Follow-ups as necessary


Call the AAC to set up a self-directed study group, even if you can’t find classmates to join you.  We may be able to find other students in the same subject to study with you.


Phone: 248.204.4120
Fax: 248.204.2018

Gladys Aviles, Director (