All entering freshman are required to take placement assessments appropriate for their majors. Assessment topics include mathematics, English (reading and writing), chemistry, physics, biology, and computer literacy. New transfer students are also required to take placement assessments in areas in which they do not have transfer credit. Placement assessment sessions are conducted for each new semester. For information regarding placement assessments contact the Admissions Office at 800.CALL.LTU (225.5588) or email:

If a student has not taken a biology, chemistry, or physics course in high school they are not prepared to take a college level science class in this discipline, and are not eligible to take the corresponding placement assessment. Instead, the student will need to register for and complete BIO1153, CHM1154, or PHY1154 prior to moving forward in the science curriculum. Any questions, please email to determine which course you should be taking. 

Students needing special accommodations may make arrangements for individual assessment testing by contacting the Academic Achievement Center at 248.204.4120 or .

Testing Hours Spring 2024 :
Monday - Friday : 9:00am - 4:00pm

Please email: to determine if you are eligible to retake or take a placement in science/computer science if you were not given one at the time of admission. 

Placement Assessment Study Guides

Review this STUDY GUIDE  for Lawrence Tech placement assessments.
Additionally, the button below links to a page with PDFs for practice assessments for the computer based ACCUPLACER Mathematics and ACCUPLACER English placement tests.

Placement Test Practice

We have listed several websites below that can help students prepare for the assessments: