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Testing - Students

  • When should I make my testing appointment?
    You should make your appointment at least 48 hours in advance to give your professor plenty of time to prepare and give us your exam materials. We will not accept appointments made less than one business day in advance. 

  • Do I let my professor know about the appointment?
    You should speak with your professor about making an appointment before you make it so you agree on a date and time, then make your appointment and let him/her know that everything is all set

  • What do I need to bring to my testing appointment?
    Bring your student ID (or some form of photo ID) and any materials your professor allows for the test. There is space in our Staff Room for you to store any belongings that are not authorized for the test. If you bring any unauthorized material into the testing room you will have violated LTU's Academic Honor Code. This includes cellphones, smart watches, translator devices, and any other digital device that has not been directly authorized by your professor on the Testing Service Request Form.

  • Can I reschedule my testing appointment?
    Yes, however we will need to hear direct approval of this reschedule from your professor either by phone, email, or in person. Your professor has every right to turn down your request for a rescheduled appointment. 

  • I have a disability. How can I get set up to take tests at the AAC?
    Speak with Disability Services (disability@ltu.edu). They will inform us of what accommodations you need. If they do not inform us of your accommodations we cannot offer any accommodations beyond our standard services.

  • If my professor allows me to use a formula sheet, how do you know?
    On the Testing Service Request Form there is an option for your professor to note if you are allowed a formula sheet. If your professor does not specify, you are allowed 1 single-sided 8.5x11 sheet.

  • Can I take my Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) in the AAC?
    Yes, but only with Professor Jamie Hobart's approval. Contact her at jhobart@ltu.edu.

  • How many times can I take a placement exam?
    You can take a placement exam up to 2 times. In order to take it a second time you will need to get the Placement Assessment Re-Examination form signed by the Dean/Chair of the subject. These forms are found in the AAC.

  • Can I know my placement score?
    Your score can be found on BannerWeb when you log in. We cannot inform you of how many you needed to get correct or how close you were to placing into a different course.

Testing - Professors

  • How does the testing process work?
    Please see our General Exam Proctoring page here.

  • Do I need to submit a Testing Request Form?
    Yes, not only do we rely on that document as a record of each test, it also ensures that each exam is proctored with equal attention to detail. 

  • Can I have my student fill out the Testing Request Form?
    Your student can assist with filling out the top part of the form but you will have to fill out the rest. By filling out the form you are granting your student permission to use a specific amount of time and specific materials for the exam. Your student may not know what is or is not allowed. 

  • My student is going to make his/her appointment soon, can I drop off the exam now?
    No, we need the student to make his/her appointment first.

  • Can I schedule an appointment for my student?
    No, your student needs to make the appointment to ensure that the appointment fits in his/her class and work schedule.

  • Can my student reschedule his/her appointment?
    Yes, however if your student does reschedule his/her appointment we will require your approval either via phone, email, or in person. Submitting testing materials for the new testing appointment does count as approval. A rescheduled exam will not be proctored if we have not received approval for the new date and time. 

  • I want to include a formula sheet with the exam. Do I mark "formula sheet" on the Testing Request Form?
    Only mark "formula sheet" on the form if the student is allowed to bring their own formula sheet. We also recommend you state a max number of pages, page size, and whether both sides of the sheet are allowed. If you mark the "formula sheet" box and provide your own formula sheet it can cause confusion so please not if the student is also allowed their own sheet.

  • My student's test has two parts - do I need to provide additional proctoring instructions?
    It's no problem for your test to have multiple parts but we do ask that you make it clear on the Testing Request Form if there are special proctoring instructions for each part and/or if each part has an individual time limit. 

  • If my student has an accommodation, do I note it on the form?
    We will apply any testing accommodations necessary for students related to time. However, you do need to note if a student allowed other accommodations. We've received information from Disability Services on what the student needs but to ensure you student is allowed certain testing materials, please note them on the form. 

  • One of my students works at the AAC Front Desk. How do I submit an exam for another student in the same class?
    Either send the exam to Dr. Gladys Aviles (gaviles@ltu.edu), Kayla Harteg (kharteg@ltu.edu), or Emily Matt (ematt@ltu.edu) or deliver the exam in person to one of them. They will store the exam out of reach from the employee, giving the exam only to the employee who will proctor the exam (which will not be your student). The aac@ltu.edu email address is accessible to all AAC Front Desk staff members.

  • Do tutors have access to testing materials?
    No, they do not. Only Front Desk Staff Members have access to testing materials and emails sent to aac@ltu.edu

  • What is the latest point that I can send the exam materials?
    We ask that you submit them 2 hours in advance or earlier to give us time to properly handle the testing materials, however we do understand that there can be unseen circumstances so we will accept testing materials up to the start of the appointment. If we do not receive testing materials by the start of the appointment we will encourage the student to reschedule and go speak with you.


  • Where can I find the tutoring schedule?
    The tutor schedule is found here or at the front desk of the AAC.

  • Do I need an appointment?
    You do not need an appointment since the majority of our tutoring is on a walk-in basis. However, we do also have an appointment system for a limited number of tutors and times which is accessed here.

  • How much does tutoring cost?
    Our tutoring services are completely free to LTU students.

  • What do I do if the tutor I want to meet with is busy?
    Let the tutor know that you need help and ask when he/she will be available next. Our tutors are expected to spend around 30 mins with each person if there are multiple people that need help. 

  • Can the writing tutors edit my papers?
    Our writing tutors will review your paper and point out common errors, then explain how to avoid those errors in the future. The idea is to help you improve your ability to write and editing papers does not accomplish that goal.

  • Can a tutor check my work to see if I did it right?
    Tutors will answer specific questions about a problem and try to guide you through the problems you have questions on.

  • My professor said I need to get my work stamped. How does that work?
    Let the tutor you're working with know that you need your work stamped. Once the tutoring session is over the tutor will stamp your work. You can only get your work stamped by a tutor once you've received tutoring.

  • Do you offer tutoring to non-LTU students?
    No, we do not.