Diversity Seminar Series

Today's students will be working, living, and interacting with people from many different cultures, patterns of thought, and ideologies. To help Lawrence Tech students understand the importance of learning and working with other cultures, Lawrence Tech developed the Diversity Seminar Series. 

Diversity Seminars can take the form of art installations, lectures, movies, interactive discussions, panel discussions, dance, or musical performance; whatever the form, however, the intent is to show how people from other cultures and with different views live.

We hope that by exposing them to these other lives and cultures, Lawrence Tech students will be better prepared to work and live in a global environment; an environment where change and differentiation is standard, not unusual.

To fulfill the Diversity Seminar requirements for University Seminar, students must attend two seminars and complete a feedback assignment as given by the instructor. Attendance is taken at the seminar, and will be shared with instructors.

For more information on Diversity Seminars, to submit an idea for a Diversity Seminar, or to volunteer to conduct a Diversity Seminar, please contact Jamie Hobart at x4120, or aac@ltu.edu.