The AAC Student Success Program is a student degree persistence and success program. First- and second-year students, student-athletes, and other students who are facing academic obstacles receive additional support to help them succeed academically, build their academic skill set, and strengthen their connection to the University.

What are Academic Updates? The AAC receives 2 academic updates from faculty per semester regarding students' academic progress in their course. Those having difficulties are invited to work with an AAC staff member to develop a plan for improvement and overall academic success.

As a student, there is nothing you need to do except keep an eye out for any emails from the AAC regarding your academic progress and set-up a one-on-one meeting with an AAC staff member if requested. These meetings are relaxed, low-pressure meetings; you are not in trouble. Our mission is simply to offer advice and tools that will help you succeed at LTU. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact us.