AAC Student Success Program

The AAC requests academic updates from faculty twice per semester as a means to contact, and later meet with, students having difficulty in their courses. The AAC greatly appreciates any and all feedback faculty provide, as this information is vital to student success. Please contact the AAC at 248.204.4120 with questions regarding the academic update process and the LTU Help Desk at 248.248.2330 with technical issues related to Argos.

Dates for Academic Updates

Fall 2019: Sunday, September 29th 

Spring 2020: Sunday, November 3rd

Submitting Academic Updates

As of fall 2019, academic updates will be submitted to the AAC through Argos. Please find the instructions for submitting academic updates through Argos below:

                                         Argos AU Instructions        Argos AU Instructions Brochure

Internet Explorer is the only internet browser fully compatible with Argos. If you are logging in from off campus and do not currently have DUO/VPN set up on your computer, please visit the LTU Help Desk’s website for DUO and VPN set-up and log-in instructions: https://www.ltu.edu/ehelp/duo-instructions-faculty-and-staff.asp.