The Margosian Academic Achievement Center (AAC) at Lawrence Technological University is a free multidisciplinary, multipurpose academic center located in the Taubman Student Services building.

Mission Statement

The Academic Achievement Center supports Lawrence Tech's mission by providing academic assistance to the University's students. We strive to educate, empower, and inspire students to become independent and successful lifelong learners. Fundamental to the AAC's success are its central campus location in the student services building, convenient daytime and evening hours, broad range of academic resources, and highly competent graduate and undergraduate tutors and staff. The center brings together students who might not otherwise interact academically or socially and encourages the formation of learning communities with shared academic goals. It also provides a welcoming environment for individual and group study.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to establish the AAC as a hub of academic activity at Lawrence Tech by working to increase our visibility and accessibility to the campus community. To this end we seek to increase faculty, staff and student awareness of, and involvement with, the Center.

Goals and Values

Our work is guided by the values of the University: theory and practice, teamwork and trust, character and integrity. In line with these values we esteem collaborative learning practices, academic honesty, opportunities for personal development, and the development of critical thinking skills.