Below please find some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about using the new 25Live Event Scheduling system.
If your question is listed below please click on the blue text to reveal the answer
If you have a question not on this list please contact the Scheduling Team at

1. How can I be sure I have selected a space/resource in the Wizard?

When going through the Event Wizard, after you run a search for a resource of space please be sure click on the resource/space where it shows up in the space. Once it is properly selected you will see it appear along the right hand side of the screen beneath the colorful textbox.

2. I have selected an event space in the Wizard and the Wizard is not allowing me to move forward to the next step

When the Event Wizard will not allow you to continue after selecting a location, this is because the selected location is not available. You will see the red triangle next to the location name rather than a green check mark. To view the conflict, hover your mouse over the red triangle, or look to the bottom right of the screen under the selected space in red text reading “Conflicts” To move on in the Wizard, you will need to select a space that does not have a conflict

3. How can I be added as a User for 25Live?

If you are a full-time faculty or staff member you should be able to automatically access the system using your campus login. If your credentials are not working, email for assistance.
If you are part-time faculty or staff, please contact your supervisor or department to see if you will be able to be granted access to the system.

4. No spaces are generating when I attempt a Location search.

First, check to ensure you have typed the name of the space correctly.
If the name of the space is typed correctly, please refer to the check boxes below the search field for Location Name. Please uncheck both boxes and click Refresh.
Please note, however, that if your location is not showing due to the checked boxes, that the space is either too small for your event or unavailable.

5. The date of my event is not available to select in the Wizard.

An update in the 25Live system requires that all events be requested at least two business days in advance.
Dates less than two business days in advance will not be available to select in the Wizard.
Please contact the Event Scheduling Team at with further questions.

6. I have made a mistake in my reservation and need to make an edit.

To Edit your Event, pull up a list of your events using the Event Search tool. Then select the event you wish to edit. **ADD LINK TO VIDEO**
Ensure the event is in TENTATIVE status, and click the button that says “Edit This Event”
This will take you back into the Event Wizard, and you are free to edit any data in your event.
Please note that once your event is edited, it will be sent back to the Scheduling Team for approval. YOUR EDITS ARE NOT FINAL UNTIL YOU RECEIVE CONFIRMATION FROM THE SCHEDULING TEAM. .

7. I have not received a confirmation email – is my space reserved?

Just like in Core, your space is not reserved until you have received a confirmation email from the Scheduling Team.
If you have questions regarding why your event has not yet been confirmed, please contact the Scheduling Team at

8. When I attempt to save my event, I receive an “Event Save Error.”

If you are attempting to schedule an event that spans multiple years, please note that this is not permitted by the 25Live system.
Events spanning multiple years will need to be submitted separately by year (e.g., all 2015 dates in one request, all 2016 dates in a separate request.)
If you are receiving this error and are not attempting to create an event spanning multiple years, please contact the Scheduling Team at

9. Where can I look for more resources on 25Live?

You can find walk-through Training Videos here.
You can also contact the Scheduling Team with any questions or concerns you may have at
Please bring any questions not on this list to the Scheduling Team's attention so they may be properly addressed.