Event Scheduling FAQs

If you have a question not on this list please contact the Scheduling Team at eventmgt@ltu.edu.

All LTU faculty and staff can reserve rooms. We recommend first contacting your department to determine if there is a specific policy or a liaison that takes care of placing reservations. Student club and organization leaders should contact their faculty/staff representative or the  Office of Student Life to have them place the room reservation requests. Requests received directly from students will not be accepted.

If you are an outside group or if you are an LTU employee requesting space for a group that is not affiliated with LTU you will need to contact Derek Thornton at dthornton@ltu.edu or at 248.204.3881 to reserve a room. He will also go over any liability concerns and rental prices.

Faculty and Staff will use their campus credentials to log into the system.

Please Note: Students are not allowed to obtain access. Student clubs and organizations leaders should contact their faculty/staff representative or the Office of Student Life to have them place the desired room reservation requests. Requests received directly from students will not be accepted.

We encourage all requests to be submitted as far in advance as possible, even if it is for a future term. Scheduling events for future terms will start approximately one month before that term. Until then requests will be kept as pending until the academic class schedule has been set for that term. We will email you once we are able to proceed with your request.

We know things come up at the last minute but please plan in advance. For last minute requests, please email eventmgt@ltu.edu for assistance.

NO! We are unable to move classes to accommodate events. The only standing exception to this rule is Admission events. If your class needs to be relocated we would contact both the department and faculty member at least 2 weeks in advance.

If a person or group would like to appeal for an exception to this policy they will need to get written approval from the University Provost. The written permission must then be forwarded in order to proceed with scheduling your event. Please be aware it is rare for requests of this nature to be approved.

Please do not submit a new request to cancel or make changes to an existing confirmed reservation.

Email us at eventmgt@ltu.edu! Any requests made in this manner you will need to include the event reservation reference (2012-AABCDE). Requests submitted without sufficient information will not be processed. You can find the reference in your original request confirmation email.

Audio Visual

All Audio Visual requests must be arranged by the event requestor through the Audio Visual department at least 10 business days in advance. Additional time should be added to your request for events requiring set-up/tear down. Please make sure to reserve the extra time to ensure the room will be open during the times Media Services needs to prepare for your event. If you have any questions they can be reached at av@ltu.edu or 248.204.3020.

Campus Dining

All food requests or catering needs (which include snacks, meals, drinks, table clothes, etc.) must be arranged by the event requestor through Campus Dining. Outside food vendor requests must also go through Dining Services and are contingent upon their approval. Please contact Leo Tykoski at Tykoski-leo@aramark.com or 248.204.3203 for more information.

Campus Facilities

  • For small-scale events utilizing one or two distinct rooms or locations, a minimum of two (2) weeks advance notice is required.
  • For large-scale events utilizing three or more distinct rooms or locations, a minimum of six (6) weeks advance notice is required. 
  • Events that occur on the weekends will need to be set up by 3pm on that Friday.

To request setup or custodial services, please complete the online request form: https://ltu.wufoo.com/forms/event-setup-application/ Please keep in mind that a 25Live confirmation email confirms room availability only. For set up availability, please contact the Department of Campus Facilities directly at setups@ltu.edu or x3800.

Yes! All rooms should be returned to their original state. If you have rearranged the room to accommodate a specific set-up for your event make sure you move the tables and chairs back the way you found them. Tabletops should be cleaned off after events in which food has been served. Garbage should be thrown in trash bins. Having nice rooms to hold meetings in is a privilege we should all respect. To continue to be eligible to reserve spaces on campus please act responsibility and return the space/room to its original state.

No! You should submit semester course schedules in an Excel format to schedule@ltu.edu. The only time you would have to make a request through 25Live Pro for a class is if they need a different space once during the semester.

  • 25Live Pro is set up on a calendar year (as opposed to an academic year) schedule. Therefore do not submit requests with dates in two different calendar years. We will be unable to process these requests. Instead submit two requests, breaking up the reservation by calendar year dates.
  • You can reserve multiple rooms in the same reservation as long as you need them all for the same time frame. Please do not submit a separate request for each room, unless it is for a different time frame.
  • You can also reserve multiple dates in the same reservation. You can have the event repeat daily, weekly, or on random dates of your choice. The key here is that the event needs to have the same start and end time on each day.
  • LTU’s busiest class time is Monday - Thursday from 5-9:00p.m. Space for events is extremely limited at those times. We encourage you to request space for events during this time as far in advance as possible. Also when requesting for this time frame you should also have a few backup spaces in mind as well.
  • To add set-up and tear down time, please make note of it in the first comment box on the request. Only the scheduling team will see this information. This is necessary if you are hosting an event receiving assistance from Campus Facilities, Dining, or Audio Visual Services.

There are several spaces on campus that need to go through a multiple step approval process before your event can be confirmed. Make sure you submit requests for these spaces as far in advance as possible. The rooms are:

Alumni Hall - Taubman Building
Architecture Gallery (A210)
Buell Management Building (M216B, M336, & M337)
Engineering Building (E108, E109, E156, & E159)
Ridler Field House
Science conference room (S108)
The Taubman Board Room (C402)
The Taubman Complex (J230 & J351)
Welcome Center (C406) - events after 5 p.m.

25Live FAQs

When going through the Event Form, after you run a search for a space, please be sure click on the box that says "request" to reserve the space. The button will change to text that says "added below", and you you will see the room appear below.

When the Event Form will not allow you to continue after selecting a location, this is because the selected location is not available. A list of the conflict(s) will will appear. You will need to select a space that does not have a conflict.

If you are a faculty or staff member you should be able to automatically access the system using your campus login. If your credentials are not working, email eventmgt@ltu.edu for assistance.

First, check to ensure you have typed the name of the space correctly in the "Search Locations" section. In the search locations box, type the room description (i.e. E101) for a specific room. You can also see all rooms in a specific building by typing the building description (i.e. ENGR) then click "search".

An update in the 25Live system requires that all events be requested at least 24 hours in advance. Dates less than 24 hours in advance will not be available to select in the Wizard. Please contact the Event Scheduling Team at eventmgt@ltu.edu with further questions.

To Edit your Event, email the Scheduling Team at eventmgt@ltu.edu with the event reference number (i.e. 2019-AAKRXH) and a detailed description of the requested changes.

Your space is not reserved until you have received a confirmation email from the Scheduling Team. If you have questions regarding why your event has not yet been confirmed, please contact the Scheduling Team at eventmgt@ltu.edu.

If you are attempting to schedule an event that spans multiple years, please note that this is not permitted by the 25Live system. Events spanning multiple years will need to be submitted separately by year (e.g., all 2015 dates in one request, all 2016 dates in a separate request.) If you are receiving this error and are not attempting to create an event spanning multiple years, please contact the Scheduling Team at eventmgt@ltu.edu.

You can also contact the Scheduling Team with any questions or concerns you may have at eventmgt@ltu.edu. Please bring any questions not on this list to the Scheduling Team's attention so they may be properly addressed.

Scheduling Coordinators:

Wendi Busch

Judy Ward