The 25Live system has begun a series of upgrades that will conclude with a new calendar system called, 25Live Pro.

25Live/Event Management is still a campus wide, web based, class and event scheduling software that unites all users on a single database but it will do so much more! The following months will be filled with enhancements and changes, please be patient as this exciting new system gets upgraded.

Only employees (faculty and staff) of Lawrence Tech may obtain and utilize logins to submit room requests. Students who would like to reserve a room must have their faculty/ staff representative or the Office of Student Engagement submit the request on their behalf.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding event/room scheduling. For a full listing of the rules and responsibilities of room reservations please visit our Reservation Policies section.

25Live Resources

See the list of events:
Go to 25Live Pro

Your campus credentials will get you into the system.

Scheduling Coordinators:

Alex Height

Lisa Frasch