mission of ltu's undergraduate management programs

Our Mission


We know that a university education is about so much more than "just getting a piece of paper." It's about equpping our students for the challenges they will meet in the professional world. It's about providing courses that not only teach the technical fundamentals of a subject, but prepare students to apply their knowledge to a broad range of problems through thinking critically. It's about giving students the skills in written and oral communication, in leadership and creative problem solving, that will serve them in any career they may choose.

In the Undergraduate Management Programs, our mission is:
"Linking theory and practice with advanced learning technologies, colleges of Lawrence Technological University offering undergraduate management programs have as their mission to provide superior undergraduate management and lifelong learning for leadership, professional achievement, and civic excellence."

We achieve our Mission through five primary goals:
1) To maintain interdisciplinary undergraduate management programs at a high level of contemporary theory and practice using leading-edge learning technology, student projects and distinctive treatment of general education.
2) To offer high quality education in the form of accessible, convenient, technology-based, personal and small class instruction.
3) To teach and reinforce management and leadership skills by offering a liberal arts education that cultivates students' ability to think critically, to solve problems creatively and to make decisions that will benefit themselves and society.
4) To respond to and serve industry, the professions and the community by providing quality innovative programs and continuing professional development.
5) To provide management and leadership education designed by accomplished senior executives of industry and business and delivered by academic scholars with real world experience.

Professional Development Center

Employers know that a degree in Business Management or Information Technology from Lawrence Technological University means more than the student spent four years in a classroom -- it means that the student is prepared to take on the job from day one. It is for this reason that more employers approach our students with internship opportunities every semester than we have students to accept.

To learn more about the Undergraduate Management experience at Lawrence Tech, contact us at: ump [at] ltu [dot] edu, or call Prof. Karen Evans at 248.204.3508 or the College of Management at 248.204.3050