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Undergraduate Management Programs -- All About You

Which Path is You

You. Started your first lemonade stand at age 5. Sold friendship bracelets on the playground at a 50% markup at age 10. And that was just the beginning. 

You. Effortlessly set up antivirus and ad-blocking software on your family and friend's computers. Enthusiastically read articles about catching network hackers. Roll your eyes at the snail-slow network at your high school or workplace. Are ready to scale up to the big time and help companies and hospitals create well-built networks that transmit data safely.

You. Are in love with -- or want to be -- public speaking. Are always the first person to see how a student group, classroom or team could communicate better, do more activities, and get more members. Are ready to lead.

You. Always notice the little things. Make decisions with pros/cons lists or using brackets. Have built a few websites in your time. Consider yourself tech-savvy but wish IT people weren't all labeled as anti-social.

Whichever path You are on, you will find the coursework and experiences you need in the Undergraduate Management Programs at Lawrence Technological University. 

Build your business, prepare for a career in human resources, develop your leadership and communication skills and get ready to join the ranks of successful LTU undergraduate business alumni who are engaged in careers like international marketing for global firms and as self-employed business owners -- all through the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Prepare to lead companies through technology changes, set up and manage complex networks, and set up a path to be the next Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer of a big firm, or to go solo as an IT consultant through the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program. 

No matter which program you choose, Lawrence Tech's theory and practice approach will help you hone your problem-solving capabilities and develop your ability to articulate and implement innovative management strategies.