undergraduate management programs - certificate in leadeship & change management

Certificate in Leadership & Change Management

The Certificate in Leadership & Change Management was developed with the help of experts from the business and educational communities, and constructed so that it can be a stand alone academic certificate or attached to any of the undergraduate management degrees.

Organization Development and Macro Change Theory
(HRM3043) An intensive course centered on the study of various types of organizational structures, performance and productivity/quality improvement, organizational culture, and macro change theory and process. The student is expected to complete an extensive field study and report relevant to the themes of the class.  3 credit hours.                        

Leadership: Effective Skill Development
(HRM3053) This course emphasizes the study of the meaning, importance, and nature of leadership. Identification of certain attributes associated with effective leaders and survey of behaviors and practices associated with effective leadership in a variety of situations within an organization. Also focuses on how leaders foster teamwork and empower team members in diverse settings. Students are expected to develop a personal development plan for enhancing their leadership skills and abilities. 3 credit hours 

Team Building and Group Dynamics for Business
(HRM3063) An intensive course emphasizing application of leadership skills needed for the development of a team. The psychology of group dynamics is explored and practiced through experimental exercises, case studies, and fieldwork.   3 credit hours. 

Collaborative Communication for Business Leaders
(COM3463) An applications oriented course developed in a workshop format. Students study and apply skills in technical and professional communications, speech, and advanced interpersonal and non-verbal communication. Work is done in groups and requires the use of computer technology and graphics. 3 credit hours.