Address Tip:

Relax your arms and shoulders at address. This will help promote a more athletic, balanced swing that has a proper release. Tension in the arms and shoulders will hinder the proper release of the club.

Backswing Tip:

Shift your weight into your right leg during the backswing. Your weight should feel like it is on the inside of your right foot. This will help you shift your weight properly and turn behind the ball at the top of the backswing.

Tempo Tip:

Your pros often look like they swing with the same tempo on every swing. Try to maintain a constant grip pressure throughout the entire swing. This will eliminate any "hirky jerky" or sudden quick movements from your swing. Constant and steady grip pressure will make your swing look smooth and relaxed.

Putting Tip:

Keep your eyes over the ball when putting. This will help you to see the line better and allow your arms to hang freely, which allows for a more pendulum like motion.

Alignment Tip:

When practicing use railroad tracks to help your alignment. Lay down two clubs so they are parallel. Use the left "railroad track" to align your body. The right "railroad track" should be used as your target line. This line should be pointed at your target and is the most important part of alignment.