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- ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007 with Users Manual for Standard 90.1-2007$140.00

- ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1-2009 with Users Manual for Standard 189.1-2009$140.00

- ASHRAE GreenGuide: The Design, Construction, and Operation of Sustainable Buildings$60.00

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ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007

This 2007 edition of the standard has several new features and includes changes resulting from the continuous maintenance proposals from the public, including all of the Addenda to Standard 90.1-2004.  The purpose of this standard is to provide minimum requirements for the energy-efficient design of buildings except low-rise residential buildings. This standard provides (a) minimum energy-efficient requirements for the design and construction of 1) new buildings and their systems, 2) new portions of buildings and their systems, and 3) new systems and equipment in existing buildings and (b) criteria for determining compliance with these requirements.

The provisions of this standard apply to the envelopes of buildings, provided that the enclosed spaces are  1) heated by a heating system whose output capacity is greater than or equal to 3.4 Btu/hft2 or 2) cooled by a cooling system whose sensible output capacity is greater than or equal to 5 Btu/hft2. The provisions also apply to the following systems and equipment used in conjunction with buildings: 1) heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, 2) service water heating, 3) electric power distribution and metering provisions, 4) electric motors and belt drives, and 5) lighting.


The provisions of this standard do not apply to (a) single-family houses, multi-family structures of three stories or fewer above grade, manufactured houses (mobile homes) and manufactured houses (modular), (b) buildings that do not use either electricity or fossil fuel, or (c) equipment and portions of building systems that use energy primarily to provide for industrial, manufacturing, or commercial processes. Where specifically noted in this standard, certain other buildings or elements of buildings shall be exempt. This standard shall not be used to circumvent any safety, health, or environmental requirements.


Users manual for ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007

This User's Manual provides detailed instruction for the design of commercial and high-rise residential buildings to ensure their compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007.   In addition, this Manual encourages the user to apply the principles of effective energy-conserving design when designing buildings and building systems; offers information on the intent and application of Standard 90.1; illuminates the Standard through the use of abundant sample calculations and examples; streamlines the process of showing compliance; provides Standard forms to demonstrate compliance; provides useful reference material to assist designers in efficiently completing a successful and complying design.


This Manual also instructs the user in the application of several tools used for compliance with Standard 90.1: the EnvStd computer program used in conjunction with the Building Envelope Trade-Off compliance method and the selection and application of energy simulation programs used in conjunction with the energy cost budget method of compliance.

EnvStd 6.0, applicable DOE2 files, and form-field PDFs of compliance forms (ready for the user to use in the field) are included on a CD that comes with the printed Manual.


This Manual is intended to be useful to numerous types of building professionals, including: architects and engineers who must apply the Standard to the design of their buildings; plan examiners and field inspectors who must enforce the Standard in areas where it is adopted as code; general and specialty contractors who must construct buildings in compliance with the standard; product manufacturers, state and local energy offices, policy groups, utilities, and others.This product replaced by:


ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1-2009

The purpose of this standard is to provide minimum requirements for the siting, design, construction, and plan for operation of high-performance green buildings to (a) balance environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, occupant comfort and well being, and community sensitivity, and (b) support the goal of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This standard provides minimum criteria that:

a.   apply to the following elements of building projects:
     1. new buildings and their systems
     2. new portions of buildings and their systems
     3. new systems and equipment in existing buildings

b.  address site sustainability, water use efficiency, energy
     efficiency, indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and the
     building's impact on the atmosphere, materials, and


The provisions of this standard do not apply to single-family houses, multi-family structures of three stories or fewer above grade, manufactured houses (mobile homes) and manufactured houses (modular), or buildings that use none of the following: electricity, fossil fuel, or water.  This standard is a jurisdictional compliance option to the Public Version 2.0 of the International Green Construction CodeTM (IgCC).

Users Manual for ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1-2009

This manual helps users of Standard 189.1-2009 understand its principles and requirements and how to comply with them. With sample calculations, application examples, forms to demonstrate compliance, and references to helpful resources and Web sites, the manual is intended for architects, engineers, contractors, and other building professionals, and is also suitable for use in educational programs.


ASHRAE GreenGuide, 3rd Edition:  The Design, Construction, and

Operation of Sustainable Buildings

Whether you are an HVAC&R system designer, architect, building owner, building manager/operator, or contractor charged with designing a green building, ASHRAE GreenGuide aims to help you answer your biggest question""What do I do now?" Using an integrated, building systems perspective, it gives you the need-to-know information on what to do, where to turn, what to suggest, and how to interact with other members of the design team in a productive way. Information is provided on each stage of the building process, from planning to operation and maintenance of a facility, with emphasis on teamwork and close coordination among interested parties.


This third edition of ASHRAE GreenGuide is an easy-to-use reference with information on almost any subject that should be considered in green-building design. The GreenTips found throughout this edition highlight techniques, processes, measures, or special systems in a concise, often bulleted, format. Also, information is provided in dual units"Inch-Pound (I-P) and International System (SI)"so that the content is easily applicable worldwide. References and resources mentioned are listed at the end of each chapter for easy access.


NEW in this edition:

  • Guidelines on sustainable energy master planning
  • Updates on teaming strategies
  • Information on how issues related to carbon emissions affect building design and operational decisions
  • Strategies for greening existing buildings
  • Updates on newly developed green-building rating systems and standards
  • Additional information on building energy modeling and follow-up measurement and verification
  • Compliance strategies for key ASHRAE standards
  • A new chapter on water efficiency

New GreenTips, including those with green strategies for chilled-water plant and boiler plant design