Do you want to represent your fellow peers and help make the student experience better on campus? 
Be a part of Student Government Senate and let the student voice be heard!

Fill out the Senate interest form if you want to be a senator in Student Government.

Senate Application Form

(Must be logged into webmail  to access application:



Be free on Tuesdays from 12pm-1pm


Have and maintain and minimum 2.3 GPA


Be able to hear student concerns and voice them during meetings


Responsibilities This position carries at least a $100 compensation

Be at all of the meetings (normally every other Tuesday from 12-1pm)


Vote on legislation and propose changes to Student Government documents

Hear student concerns and bring them to the meeting

Maintain the minimum standing as outlined in the requirements


District Senate Positions: College of Arts and Sciences
  College of Engineering
  College of Management
  College of Architecture and Design
  Area of Residency (North Housing, South Housing, and Commuter)
  Student Interests (Student Organizations)



“Sample” student: 

I am studying for a Dual Degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering, am a part of the AIAS student organization, and I am a commuter student

I can run for the:

Architecture Senate Seat
  Engineering Senate Seat
  Residency Senate Seat
  Student Interests Senate Seat