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Congratulations to Miss Lawrence Tech 2014: Sophomore, Shelby McPherson. 
Shelby is a student in architecture and construction management. She also works in the University’s Advancement office and is part of Delta Tau Sigma.

The Miss Lawrence Tech Scholarship Pageant was founded with the desire to empower young women through increased opportunities to affect their communities and become catalysts of change. Our mission is to empower young women to strive for excellence when pursuing personal and professional goals while becoming instruments of change within their communities.

 Through the Miss America Organization (MAO), increased opportunities have become available to young women to further their educational and professional pursuits. The Miss Lawrence Tech Scholarship Pageant is a franchise of the Miss Michigan Scholarship Organization designed to provide scholarship opportunities to young women at Lawrence Technological University. For the past 3 years, our pageant has helped young women realize their goals.  

Not only has the MAO helped thousands of young women define their life’s mission and reach goals, but also to understand what the four points of the crown stand for and mean to them. Style, Success, Scholarship but above all Service, must be the guiding lights by which these women all lead, not only their platforms, but also their lives.

We look forward to many more years of continued excellence and development of fearless, ambitious, determined, articulate, dedicated, persevering, resourceful and busy young women!

Reserve Miss Lawrence Tech! - Make your occasion special with an appearance by Miss Lawrence Tech.  She is available to emcee, do pictures and autographs, etc. 

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Miss Lawrence Tech is an official local prelminary to Miss America.



Executive Director: Eula Muckleroy                      

         Eula Muckleroy