registrar's office - dropped courses

Grades for Courses Dropped


Students who drop a course during the first two (2) weeks of classes during the Fall or Spring semester will receive a "Drop" on their Registration Form and no grade will appear on their transcript.

Students who withdraw from a course before the 13th week of the Fall or Spring semester but after the first 2 weeks of classes will receive the "W" grade.

The last day to withdraw from Summer semesters and short courses within the regular Fall and Spring semester is adjusted for the shorter time period as follows:

Semester Length: Must withdraw before:

5 weeks - 4th week
6 weeks - 5th week
7.5 weeks - 6th week
10 weeks - 8th week

After the last day to withdraw for any semester, students will not be permitted to withdraw from the course and will receive grade as determined by the instructor (not a "W").

All withdrawals or drops must be initiated by student action to assure that a "W" will appear on the master grade roster and subsequent transcripts. Faculty may not initiate withdrawal procedures nor may they submit a "W" on the electronic grade entry.

Drop and Withdrawal schedules are available in the  IMPORTANT DATES