the lawrence technological university stimulus package for displaced workers - message from the president

Message From the President -- A Time for Boldness

Lawrence Tech is uniquely positioned to launch this initiative, designed to accelerate the recovery of Michigan and its citizens at this critical time, Lawrence Tech was created during the darkest hours of the Great Depression and pioneered programs designed to prepare workers for what founder Russell Lawrence rightly predicted would be the new technological era.

Today, we again face severe economic challenges that require extraordinary initiatives, agile thinking, and creative solutions, Lawrence Tech's Recovery Starts Here Stimulus Package is taking the lead to aid our state and empower our citizens to achieve success.

The Lawrence Technological University community views this Recovery Starts Here package as an investment in the future of our state and nation, and the right thing to do.

We at Lawrence Tech are convinced that all the building blocks required for an economic recovery are already here in Michigan. We aim to do our part to bring enterprising companies and educated workers together. There are companies, even today, with exciting new products on the drawing board who need educated workers to implement dynamic plans. There are outstanding workers who need some additional skills to prepare them for the exciting jobs of the future. Lawrence Tech can be the bridge to bring these companies and workers together.

We are focusing the energies of our university to identify solutions to the problems we face, and we're taking the steps that will help place our region and state on the path to recovery.

Combining the creativity of our entrepreneurs and the know-how of our workers will lead to Michigan's next big economic success story. In many cases all that is missing is the right people with the right education to lead us in that new direction. 

The recovery starts here and it must start with us. We invite other institutions throughout Michigan to join us. Together, we will succeed.

Lewis N. Walker
President, Lawrence Technological University