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The Research Support Services Committee administers an internal funding opportunity for faculty at Lawrence Technological University. These awards utilize the Research Support Services Committee portion of indirect costs resulting from externally funded projects. The purpose of these awards is to encourage, develop and support faculty research and creative endeavors with the goal of subsequent development of proposals for external funding. These awards are intended to supplement and strengthen the support that comes from both department and college resources, and other university programs. Awards are granted through a competitive application process, with recommendations from department chair and college dean, with final decisions made by the Provost of Lawrence Tech.

All full-time faculty are eligible to apply. Projects that emphasize new methods, theoretical approaches, and curriculum or laboratory improvements are encouraged. Teams of two or more eligible faculty may submit proposals for interdisciplinary projects. Applications from junior faculty (i.e., pre-tenure) will be given preference. Only one proposal per faculty member may be considered during each academic year.

The maximum value of the award is $3,000 with a duration of no more than one year, with all unexpended funds reverting back to the general internal funding pool at the end of the award period. An award carries with it the responsibility to disseminate the results of any funded internal project either through publication in refereed outlets, or in a medium appropriate to the endeavor. Faculty are required to display their work at the annual Learn All About It Luncheon poster session. A final report should also be filed with the Provost's office within thirty (30) days of completion of the project.

Funds can be used for research and scholarly efforts, instructional impact projects, or other worthwhile professional development activities. Funding can be used for salaries and benefits of students, technicians and other non-faculty project personnel. Other permitted expenses include supplies, equipment and miscellaneous expenses such as project-related photocopying and postage. Funds cannot be used for faculty salaries (summer or academic year); travel that is not directly related to project research; conferences; consultants, or office equipment, or computers (unless specifically justified).

 Seed Grant proposals and department/college level approvals are due into the Research Support Services Committee via e-mail or personally delivered to the Office of the Provost by January 31 or September 30 of each year. Proposals will be evaluated using the following non-exclusive criteria:

  1. Does the PI clearly explain the significance of the project to the discipline?
  2. Does the PI provide information necessary to determine if this is a new direction for the research or creative effort?
  3. Is the budget reasonable for the stated objectives and goals?
  4. Are the goals and objectives and results stated clearly and are they reasonable, given the funds and time provided? Are they reflected in the methods outlined?
  5. What is the probability of leading to external support?
  6. Have potential barriers or technical difficulties been identified?
  7. Is a literature review provided?
  8. Has the PI obtained required assurances (animal, human, radiation, etc.)?
  9. Does the PI have the experience needed to carry out the project?

The awardee is responsible for the administration of grant funds, including making certain that over-expenditures do not occur. The Business Services unit is responsible for purchasing processes.  All equipment purchased with Seed Grant funding remains the property of Lawrence Tech and may not be transferred to another institution should the awardee leave their University employment.

Application Form and Video

Download printable version of the Faculty Seed Grant Information

To apply, please download and complete the Faculty Seed Grant Application MS Word Icon


Watch the podcast below to learn about the seed grant program and to see presentations of completed projects supported by the seed grant program:

Learn All About It Luncheon Video - Faculty Seed Grant Program (March 2012)


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