Grant & Conference Opportunities

Please see the links below for potential grant opportunities.  Some grant opportunities of interest to the Lawrence Tech community are also posted to the Blackboard Research Support Services organization, which is available only to Lawrence Tech faculty and staff members. For questions about the applicability of a grant opportunity, please contact your department chair or a member of the Research Support Services Committee. Please contact Mark Brucki or Howard Davis of Advancement for questions about corporate and foundation opportunities respectively. Please contact Luba Kagan of Business Services for information on developing budgets or submitting grant proposals.

In4Grants - Lawrence Tech subscribes to In4Grants, a comprehensive Web-based service to find grant opportunities, collaborate with research partners, and prepare grant proposals. See a member of the RSSC for more information about this service and instructions for use.

FoundationSearch - Lawrence Tech's Advancement Office subscribes to FoundationSearch, a Web-based service to explore funding opportunities with foundations. Please contact Howard Davis of the Office of University Advancement to schedule an appointment to search for foundation funding opportunities.

ResearchGate - ResearchGate is a free social networking site that connects members with potential collaborators around the world. Members creat profiles, participate in discussion forums, share research papers, and connect with conference and publication opportunities. ResearchGate has over 1.4 million users around the world.

ConferenceAlerts - To be informed of upcoming academic and professional conferences in your discipline, we recommend that you subscribe to this free Web-based service which forwards calls for papers to your Lawrence Tech e-mail address.

Foundation Center - freely available database of foundation funding opportunities

Community Foundations in Michigan - Consolidated listings of government grant opportunities covering most of the agencies listed below. The In4Grants service also indexes most of these sources.

National Science Foundation

Department of Energy:

Department of Defense
  Federal Grants Wire site
  Army Research Lab
  Army Research Office
  Naval Research Lab
  Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Department of Education

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Department of Health & Human Services

  Centers for Disease Control

  National Institutes of Health

  NASA Research Opportunities

Department of Commerce: