Make A Home Right Here in Blue Devil Country!

Living on campus can be an exciting way to make your time as an LTU student even more special. For your time inside the classroom is just as important as your time outside of it - all of it makes up a part of your college education. So have easier access to your classes, activities, friends, and sporting events by living in LTU Housing!


For Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with a disability who wants to experience living in a residence hall but has disability-related concerns about living on campus, the Office of University Housing is there to help!

  1. In order to receive disability housing accommodations at Lawrence Technological University you must have a licensed medical professional fill out the Disability Housing Accommodation Request Form.
    • Important: The doctor or medical professional must specifically and explicitly state what accommodations or housing needs the student requires. The Office of University Housing does not make recommendations or infer what accommodations a student might need.
  2. Return your Housing Application and University Housing Accommodation Form (with the the attached statement from your doctor) to the Housing Office.
  3. After Housing receives all the correct documentation they will provide accommodations to the best of their ability and as close as possible to the specified needs indicated by the medical professional. Note: Your priority for housing assignment will be based on the date of receipt of the documentation. 
Contact Information

For more information regarding disability-related housing accommodations on campus, please contact the Office of Disability Services.

Phone: 248.204.4100                                                  
Fax: 248.204.4115