disability services accommodations

Academic Accommodations

Accommodations are determined and provided on an individual basis. Some accommodations that are available to our students are:

  • Extended time for tests
    • Our office measures extended time in percentages (50%, 100%, 150%, etc.)
  • Reduced Distraction testing environment
  • Assistance with acquiring PDF/Audio Textbooks
    • See 'Alternate-Format Textbooks' tab on the right for more information.
  • Assistive Technology
    • Smart Pens, Kurzweil 3000, Dragon NauturallySpeaking, etc.
  • Referral to area resources

Accommodation Memos, see an example here, will be sent to faculty each semester detailing the student’s afforded accommodations. These memos are based on the student’s documentation and discussion of accommodations within their intake meeting. There is no mention of a student’s documented disability listed on the memo per confidentiality of students’ information.



For confidential counseling in crisis/stress management, personal development, and education in mental health problems, contact the Office of Student Affairs at 248.204.4100.