Course Name CRN Course Day Instructor Room Time
BSBA and BSIT PROGRAMS               
Intro to Managerial Accounting 3257 ACC2023 MW Tuo M213 9:30-10:45
Intermediate Accounting: Assets 4589 ACC3023 Tues Tuo M310 5:45-8:25
Financial Management 3266 FIN3103 TR Tsebro M218 2:00-3:15
Corporate Finance 4590 FIN3203 Thurs Zhang M211 5:45-8:25
Human Resource Management 3258 HRM3023 TR Swiantek M208 11:00-12:15
Org Dev and Change Mgt 4599 HRM4023 TR Cole M218 4:20-5:35
Intro to Business Prog Visual Basic 4447 INT2114 Tues Grembi M210 5:45-9:20
Info Tech Management 3269 INT3103-01 Wed Alexandris M213 5:45-8:25
Technical Infrastructure 4131 INT3203 Thurs Dillard M209 5:45-8:25
Database Design 4132 INT3803 Mon Ku M208 11:00-1:40
Telecom and Network 4133 INT4013 Mon Dillard M208 5:45-8:25
Exploration of IT Security 3271 INT4023 Wed Meier M209 5:45-8:25
IT Business Strategy 3256 INT4303 Thurs Montgomery M311 5:45-8:25
Introduction to Business Law 3259 MGT2113 MW Fadel-Bazzi M213 2:00-3:15
Principles of Management 3260 MGT2203 MW Stavros M213 11:00-12:15
International Trade 4141 MGT3033 TR Elwell M208 9:30-10:45
Business Internship 3261 MGT3053  TBA Raghavan M331  TBA
Project Management 3262 MGT3103 Tues Drommi M208  5:45-8:25
Operations Management 3263 MGT3113 MW Raghavan M213 4:20-5:35
Management Internship 2 3264 MGT4053  TBA Raghavan M331  TBA
Applied Decision Analysis 4148 MGT4113 TR Paryani M210 11:00-12:15
Strategy Management and Business Policy 3265 MGT4213 Mon Omrani M310 5:45-8:25
Principles of Marketing 4149 MKT2013 TR Kiani M213 11:00-12:15
Consumer Behavior 4150 MKT4013 TR Kiani M213 9:30-10:45

ROTC Program

Basic Leadership 4448 MSL1022 TBA Jena M331  TBA
Leadership and Teamwork 4317 MSL2022 TBA Jena M331  TBA
Leadership and Ethics 4450 MSL3022 TBA Jena M331  TBA