College of management - doctoral programs

Doctoral Programs

The LTU College of Management offers one of the most distinctive doctoral degrees in Southeast Michigan: the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). This program is unique because it is among the nation's few on-campus, part-time, practitioner/scholar focused programs designed for the working professional. It consists of 36 hours of coursework and 24 equivalent hours of research toward a doctoral dissertation that can be completed within four years. Admission to the doctoral program is competitive and meeting a specific set of minimum qualifications does not assure admission.

The DBA program is an intensive part-time program that endeavors to strengthen leaders who can think strategically and act decisively in today's rapidly changing global business environment. The program works to enhance students' abilities to further their careers as business innovators. The program is appropriate for those interested in broadening and deepening their leadership skills for executive-level positions in industry and consulting, or for those seeking faculty positions at teaching universities that emphasize theory and practice. DBA coursework falls into two categories: the DBA core and research. Research toward a dissertation will be conducted on a topic within one of the following areas: Leadership and Organizational Development, Business Economics and Finance, and International Business.