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DMIT Alumni Achievements

Our DMIT alumni have made significant accomplishments in both the business and academic worlds. Some of their recent accomplishments are shown on this page.

Dr. Ronnie Abrahiem, Software Engineer of CIBER, with over sixteen years experience in Application and Data Architectures with specialty in Distribution and Trading organizations. He was a member of Cohort 2 and graduated in 2008. He teached as adjunct faculty ay Davenport University in Object-Oriented Programming, Database Structure and Management, and Systems Analysis. Contact information or

Dr. Naser El-Bathy was a member of Cohort 6, and graduated in 2010. He is a Computer Science Adjunct Professor at Lawrence Technological University, Michigan and Union College in Kentucky, Editor in Chief of Victory newspaper, and a Software Consultant of Computer Software Inc. He may be contacted at (586) 350-9661, or e-mail at

Dr. Louay Karadsheh was a member of  Cohort 5, and graduated in  2010. His current position is  Assistant Professor of Information Security at ECPI College of Technology, Raleigh campus, North Carolina. His responsibilities include teaching, developing new curriculums, academic advising, tutoring students and participating in academic review board meetings. He may be reached at  248-245-8219 (mobile) and at

Dr. Theresa Kraft was a member of Cohort 1 and graduates in 2008. She is serving as an adjunct faculty member at several universities including the School of Management and school of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan – Flint, Michigan. She is teaching a range of undergraduate and graduate courses including Business Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Excel/Access Introduction to Business Applications, and Advanced Software Engineering, Data Base Design, Advanced Management Information Systems,  Computer Ethics and Technology. Theresa may be contacted at and Mobile 586-506-7095.

Chingmei Connie Li from Cohort 3 graduated in December 2010. She is a Business Analyst of Modis Inc. contracted to Ford Motor Company. Her major responsibility is gathering requirements from business customers, performing system analysis & design, and preparing uses cases and design specifications. She could be reached at

Dr. Andrew Makar was a member of Cohort 3, and graduated in 2008. At present he is a senior manager with Capgemini responsible for managing enterprise programs and coaching project managers in effective project management techniques. He publishes a bi-weekly column on real world project management with and is a frequently guest speaker for, the local Great Lakes PMI chapter and several technology companies. He also maintains a project management blog at He can be reached at

Dr. Anene Nnolim was a member of Cohort 2, and graduated in 2007. He is presently an Associate Professor, Management & Director- Graduate Center of Florida Institute of Technology off campus site at the U.S. Naval base, Patuxent River, Maryland. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor in the University of Maryland University College, Graduate School of Management and Technology, as well as an Adjunct Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Space Coast Campus at Patrick Air Force Base. He may be contacted at or by phone at 321.821.2380  

Dr. Wen-Tsung (Alex) Tai was a member of Cohort 4, and graduated in 2010. He is an engineer at Quantasoft Technology Inc, Taiwan. Contact information: 011-886-4-2260-6175(H); email address:

Dr. William Wachob was a member of Cohort 2 and graduated in 2009. He is currently and contracting consultant to  Integrated Solutions and Services Unlimited, Dayton, Ohio as a Statistical and Scientific Subject Matter Specialist at the National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In this role, he is responsible for quality testing on the EPA’s Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator (MOVES) which is used by states and large regional areas to evaluate vehicle based emissions for regulatory compliance and in assessing the effect of new road systems. Bill may be contacted at 248.388.4026 (cell) and

Dr. Donald R. Warner was a member of Cohort 1, and graduated in  2006. His current position is Chief Information Officer, KeyPlastics LLC, a global automotive supplier with $500 Million/year revenue, headquartered in Northville, Michigan. Don is responsible for all IT systems in the enterprise and reports to CEO Company. Contact Information is 248-449-9223;; Address: 21700 Haggerty Road, Suite 150N, Northville, Michigan  48167.

Yesim Askin, DMIT candidate cohort 6, is featured in the Michigan State University staff profile. 

Dr. Theresa Kraft recently had her dissertation published as a book "Systematic and Holistic IT Project Management Approach for Commercial Software with Case Studies", February
2009. Dr. Kraft received her Doctorate of Management in Information Technology in May 2008.

Dr. Ron Abrahiem had his dissertation published this summer as a book in LAMBERT, Data Warehousing with Service-oriented Architecture: Designing and Implementing Prototype Models For an Integration of Near-Real-Time Data Warehousing Architecture with Service-oriented Architecture". Dr Abrahiem received his Doctorate of Management in Information Technology in May 2008. 
George Bridges spoke at a One Day Project Management Summit in the Caribbean's. George Bridges is a Trainer and Senior Consultant, International Institute for Learning, headquartered in New York City. Geort will share his expertise on The Growing Need for Business Analysis within the Project Management Framework. About the Summit: This summit is an invaluable opportunity for senior-level executives to examine and create dialogue with the region's top business and government leaders on the role project management will play as a discipline and strategic business tool in the 21st century. The summit will be held September 10, 2008 at the Hilton Trinidad, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Louay Karadsheh coauthored with Samer ALHawari, Naser El-Bathy, Wa’el Musa Hadi the paper "INCORPORATING KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AND RISK MANAGEMENT AS A SINGLE PROCESS" for the Conference: International Conference of the Global Business Development Institute (GBDI) to be held at Las Vegas, NV, October 12 - 15, 2008. Summary: Risk Management (RM) is becoming a key factor within organizations since it ensures a successful execution of projects. Consequently, Knowledge Management (KM) process has turned out to become a strategic resource of organization to the extent in which it is viewed nowadays as the basis of reduces the risk. The aim of this paper is to present a conceptual framework of KM integrated with RM called Knowledge Risk Management (KRM) process. The main emphasis is on developing phases such as Knowledge-Risk Capture, Knowledge-Risk Creation, Knowledge-Risk Examination, Knowledge-Risk Sharing, Knowledge-Risk Evaluation, Knowledge-Risk Repository and finally, Knowledge-Risk Education across the RM process. The paper describes a more valid process in explaining the integration of KM and RM process to improve the RM process efficiency by utilizing KM process.

Dr. Don Warner, who completed his DMIT dissertation in December, 2007, has accepted a position with the Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, Washington. Don has several years experience deploying Six Sigma and managing the quality systems at Ford Motor Company and is a Six Sigma Master BlackBelt. Dr. Warner’s position is the Senior Corporate Business Excellence Program Manager at Microsoft, and he will be responsible for directing process improvement efforts within Microsoft’s various business units, a task for which his DMIT experience has prepared him well. 

Louay Karadsheh from DMIT Cohort 5 and Samer ALHawari, the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman-Jordan, Amine Nehari Talet, King Fahd University of petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabi, and Mohammad Khalil Salem, CIS Department, University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan authored the paper “CRM Strategy: An Analytical Perspective.” The paper was accepted at the 8th International Annual Conference in Change Management & Knowledge Society in March 2008.

Short abstract of the paper: CRM is a business strategy which aims at acquiring customers, withholding and expanding the relationship with the customers. Different CRM strategies have been proposed by researchers in this field. Common elements among these strategies are explored in the paper and suggestions are presented for a general process based on analysis of various models in CRM strategizing. This paper contributes to the understanding of the process of CRM strategizing.  

Louay Karadsheh from DMIT Cohort 5 coauthored with Samer ALHawari, the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman-Jordan, Fadi Thabtah, MIS Dept, Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan and Wa’el Musa Hadi, the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman Jordan, the paper “A Risk Management Model for Project Execution”. The paper was published and presented at the Conference: 9th IBIMA Conference on Information Management in Modern Organizations in March 2008.


Dimitri Kopaliani and Ronni Abrahiem attended the IEEE EIT Conference in Chicago on May 18th, 2007. Each gave a presentation at the conference. Ronnie's topic is "A New Generation of Middleware Solutions for a Near-Real-Time Data Warehousing Architecture."

Anene Nnolim and Theresa Kraft presented papers at a Doctoral Symposium, Connections 2007 at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA on May 18 to 20, 2007. For over a decade the Connections Conference has given doctoral students in information studies the opportunity to network, share ideas, present research, and receive feedback from an audience of fellow students. Connections is historically a conference administered for and by doctoral students. The Connections conference provides doctoral students with the opportunity to present their work to an open and friendly audience of their peers. Anene’s topic was: “A Framework and Methodology for Information Security Management”, and Theresa’s was “A Conceptual Model of IT Project Management with Case Studies”.   

Anene Nnolim presented a paper, coauthored with Dr. Lerine Steenkamp, at the ISOneWorld Conference in Las Vegas on April 12th titled: "An Approach to Information Security Management". Anene also gave a presentation at The Open Group Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference, Paris on “Developing an Architectural Description for the Information Security Management Viewpoint”, and will be participating at the forthcoming Doctoral Symposium in May 2007 on his doctoral research on information security management.

Fadi Khoury has been invited to give a presentation at the Southeast Michigan Rational User Group (SEMRUG) meeting to be held on May 17th 2007. The topic of his presentation is "Planning RUP Projects" dealing with the process of iterative planning and the three levels of planning, Project level, Phase level, and Iteration level. The presentation will also discuss RUP Project Management and its alignment to the PMI Project Management discipline.

Mr. Khoury is IBM certified in Rational Unified Process with over 10+ years experience in the areas of software lifecycle methodologies, software development, software maintenance and testing, application enterprise architecture, and strategy planning. Work experience in traditional structural and object-oriented programming languages, Model Driven Architecture (MDA), and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Track: Software Engineering) from Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma, a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Wayne State University, Michigan, and currently a Doctoral candidate in Management Information Technology at Lawrence Technological University, Michigan.

A paper on “A Case Study on Developing an Architectural Description for the Information and Business System Viewpoints”, written by Tony Avant and Ching-Mei Li with Dr Lerine Steenkamp, was presented at The Open Group Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference, Paris on April 25th, 2007.

2007 Open Group Conference: The Open Group Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference in San Diego comprised a plenary meeting with a focus on SOA, followed by parallel streams addressing SOA and other aspects of enterprise architecture.

Dr. Lerine Steenkamp and Dr. Al McCord presented "Teaching Research Methodology for Information Technology" at the ICIER 2007 conference in Milwaukee in December 2006.

George Bridges has successfully passed the Project Management Certification Exam in December 2006 and is now a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). PMI certification is recognized worldwide. Congratulations to George!

John Li and Dr. Lerine Steenkamp attended the Open Group IT Practitioners' Conference in Lisbon, Portugal in October 2006 and gave a presentation entitled: "An Approach to Developing IT Architectures - the Enterprise Mobility Viewpoint."

Ayman Basal and Fadi Khoury have presented papers on behalf of their project teams with Dr. Lerine Steenkamp at the ISECON2006 Conference, Dallas, Texas held from November 2 to 6, 2006. Kamal Kakish presented his paper, co-authored with Dr. Al McCord, at the same conference.  

The flag of LTU and the DMIT was held high at ISECON2006, where three DMIT students and Dr. Steenkamp presented their work done jointly during the weekend of November 5 in Dallas.

They presented the following papers:  

1.      Kamal Kakish and Dr. Al McCord.

2.      “A Case Study: Developing an Architectural Design Description for the Application Viewpoint” by Lerine Steenkamp and Fadi El-Khoury, co-authored by Andy Makar and Kamal Kakish.

3.      “A Case Study: Developing an Architectural Design Description for the Technology- Communications Engineering Viewpoint” by Lerine Steenkamp and Ayman Basal, co-authored by Jehad Alomari and Kamal Kakish.

Kamal and Dr McCord’s paper achieved a Meritorious Paper Award. We are all very proud of Kamal’s fine and professional presentation of the work done at LTU. We are also proud of Fadi, Ayman and Kamal’s excellent presentations given jointly with Dr. Steenkamp.  

Loran Walker of DMIT Cohort 2 has presented a paper titled “Is there a new definition for Change Control in Project Management?” at the Project Management Institute North American Global Congress held in Seattle in October 2006.

Theresa Kraft  and Dr. Lerine Steenkamp attended the 17th International Conference on Global Business in Miami Beach from November 17 to 19, 2005. Kevin Schiller co-authored the paper titled: “Impact of ICT on Productivity – Comparison of Europe and USA”.

Kamal Kakish and Dr. Lerine Steenkamp attended the 17th International Conference on Global Business in Miami Beach from November 17 to 19, 2005 to present a paper on ”A Global IT Security Perspective: An Analysis of the Information Security Capability in the U.S. and Europe”.

Anene Nnolim, Cohort 2, presented a paper with Dr. Lerine Steenkamp at the ISECON2005 Conference held in Columbus, Ohio in October 2005 on behalf of the other co-authors: Kathy Allour, Tony Lyons, and Kevin Schiller, the team leader of the project.

DMIT team achieves distinction! Kevin Schiller and his team Kathy Allour, Tony Lyons and AneneNnolim, along with Dr Lerine Steenkamp achieved a Distinguished Paper Award at ISECON2005, Columbus, Ohio on October 8th 2005.

William Wachob and Dr. Al McCord presented their paper on “Applying the IT Service CMM Model in a University Service Delivery Environment" at the EDUCAUSE conference in Orlando on October 20, 2005.

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