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Patty Castelli med.jpgDr. Patty Castelli 
Associate Professor

Buell Management Building M309
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 Dr. Patricia A. Castelli has over 30 years experience in leadership, leadership development, management, strategy, organization behavior, organization development and change, human resource management, and management of multinational and multicultural organizations. She teaches at the master and doctoral programs: Leading the Global Enterprise, Global Leadership, Managing a Global Workforce and Human Resource Management.

As a full-time associate professor of management at Lawrence Technological University, Dr. Castelli enjoys coaching and developing future leaders. Dr. Castelli’s approach is “hands-on” and practical. Known for her motivational appeal, her forte is helping current and future leaders develop critical interpersonal skills often overlooked yet essential for leadership success. In addition, Dr. Castelli has master facilitation skills with a personable, charismatic style that promotes key learnings in creative and engaging ways.

Dr. Castelli was awarded the 2014 Henry and Barbara Horldt Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching at Lawrence Technological University and has been with the University’s College of Management since 1995. Her teaching philosophy is simple yet powerful – to raise the confidence and self-esteem levels of future leaders, managers and professionals by providing them with the skills, competencies and behaviors needed to lead effectively in today’s global environment.

Dr. Castelli’s research is extensive in the area of leadership. She provides empirical evidence that leaders utilize to maximize their performance and the performance of their followers. She has developed several original research instruments that have been validated and proved reliable for use in organizational leadership worldwide.  In addition to reflective leadership, these instruments also provide a variety of motivational strategies and techniques leaders use to improve the performance levels of individuals, teams and organizations. Dr. Castelli’s was one of the first researchers to use social media via LinkedIn to collect data. Her pioneering research proved fruitful and received nearly 1000 responses from leaders in over 81 nations.  In addition to her pioneering and innovative research on reflective leadership, Dr. Castelli’s previous research on reflective learning has furthered the efficacy of the international academic community by providing a variety of instructional methods aimed at raising both the professional and personal value of the learning experience. Dr. Castelli’s research continues to be published in a variety of international leadership journals.  She also enjoys presenting at international leadership conferences where she shares her expertise on reflective leadership and motivating strategies leaders utilize to increase the performance of work teams.

As a management consultant for over 30 years, Dr. Castelli has trained over 30,000 people in a variety of organizational settings. Working with Fortune 500 companies and corporate clients, she provides executive and leadership training programs to develop the skills and competencies of leaders and managers. Her client list includes: General Motors Corporation, Renaissance Center Corporate Headquarters, GM Powertrain Group, GM Truck Group, GM Mid-Lux, GM Information Systems & Services, UAW-GM Work Family Group, GM Facilities Management Group, and GM Vehicle Sales Service and Marketing; IBM Corporate Headquarters;  The United States Army, Department of Defense, TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC), Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Defense Acquisition University (DAU), and The Family Advocacy and Employee Assistance Programs, Detroit Arsenal; Whirlpool International Corporate Headquarters, Amway International Corporation, The American Medical Association, Sara Lee Corporation, 1.800.FLOWERS.COM, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Higher Education clients include Seton Hill University, Bridgewater State College, and Atlanta Technical College.

Dr. Castelli received her Ph.D. in Instructional Technology, a Division of Administrative and Organizational Studies, College of Education from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan in 1994. She also holds a Master of Business Administration from Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan in 1992 and a Bachelor of General Studies from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois in 1987.

Areas of Expertise

  • Global Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Organization Behavior
  • Organization Development and Change
  • Motivational Studies and Theories
  • Managing Global Teams
  • Human Resource Management


Courses: Leading the Global Enterprise, Global Leadership, Managing the Global Workforce, and Human Resource Management. 





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