As part of our commitment to the success of our students, the College of Management has established a Student Relationship Management team that provides individualized attention to prospective students. They will work with each student to ensure that schedules, locations, and  delivery formats fit each students needs. They respond to questions and orient students as to their responsibilities in the academic relationship. Full-time faculty members assume the role of faculty advisor for a specified group of students within the faculty members’ discipline. Students are encouraged to contact their advisor as needed. Contact information can be found in the faculty directory. You can also contact the Management Office at 248.204.3050 or email mgt-srm@ltu.edu for assistance. 

Fall 2015 Faculty Office Hours

 Office Hours Monday    Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday  Friday      

Patty Castelli


Eralda Caushaj

Matthew Cole



Maryam Firoozi


Isar Kiani


Anne Kohnke

 2:00-5:00  2:00-5:00   2:00-5:00   

Chih Hao (Justin) Ku

 11:00-3:00 11:00-1:00   11:00-3:00  

Tom Marx

9:00-5:00  9:00-5:00 9:00-5:00  9:00-5:00  9:00-5:00

Srikant Raghavan


Jacqueline Stavros


Shahram Taj


Pavlo Tsebro


Ling Tuo


Yu (Tony) Zhang