Master of Architecture


Program Summary

The Lawrence Tech NAAB Accredited Master's in Architecture may be completed online with the exception of the Master Class studio.  This studio can either be completed on campus during a 10 week summer semester or on 4 weekends plus a field trip.  The Master Class is a studio led by a firm engaged in critical practice and students work in groups to complete studio projects during the summer semester.  The LTU Master's in Architecture is 36 semester credit hours and the online concentration is in Architecture Design and Practice.  Elective courses are also available online and a dual M.Arch. and MBA can be completed online as well.  Admission requirements include a minimum 3.0 GPA, a portfolio, and three letters of recommendation.  Admission forms are available on the LTU home page.  Lawrence Tech has one of the largest architecture schools in the U.S. and the university's motto "theory and practice" informs the curricula.



Your 36 credit-hour degree program consists of:

Core Courses

  • ARC 5013 - Research Methods
  • ARC 5423 - Ecological Issues
  • ARC 5643 - Design Theory
  • ARC 5913 - Professional Practice
  • ARC 5804 - Critical Practice Studio (summer studio) *

Design Studio or Thesis Courses

  • ARC 5814 - Advanced Design Studio 1 or ARC 6514 - Thesis 1
  • ARC 5824 - Advanced Design Studio 2 or ARC 6524 - Thesis 2
  • ARC 6833 - Practice Portfolio

Electives (available online)

  • ARC 5952 - Construction Management
  • ARC 5962 - Law for Architects
  • ARC 6912 - Practice Management
  • HRM 6023 - Human Resource Management
  • MGT 6013 - Leadership and Leadership Development
  • MIS 6013 - Information Systems and the Enterprise
  • EME 6403 - Quality Control
  • EME 6713 - Technology Management 

*Not available online at this time


For more information visit the College of Architecture and Design site or contact:

Office of Admissions
248.204.3160 p