innovation chase competition

Innovation Chase Qualifying Competition


What Do You Do at the Competition?
Students will race to complete a series of entrepreneurial challenges (such as problem-solving, presenting an elevator pitch, writing a business proposal, creating a working prototype, conducting proper market research, resource-allocation, technical knowledge testing etc.) that will be centered around a relevant problem or product.  Teams of students from our campus will compete against each other during the Local Qualifying Chase.

More Information about what takes place during the competition can be found at the official Innovation Chase web site LEAD THE CHASE.


What is the Prize?
The winning team from each Institution will earn a place at the Chase Finals, that will take place in Chicago in the Fall of 2012. The Finals will bring together schools from around the country that will compete against each other for the national championship which includes a significant cash prize and a trophy. 

When Does It Take Place?
Spring 2012 - Exact Date TBD 

How Do I Sign Up?

Download the Team Registration Forms and submit to:

Katie Hayes
Office of Leadership Programs
Taubman Center, Rm 205